Slow Down and Live Longer by Making Hopkins Belize Your Summer Vacation Destination

Unwind in Hopkins Belize This Summer

If just the suggestion of slowing down is anathema to your personality, perhaps we could convince you of the merits of this goal. Editors of Inc. magazine are especially interested in the topic when doling out advice to busy people, and if you’re one of them, don’t stop reading.

“It sounds backward but slowing down is actually a faster way to succeed,” notes entrepreneur Andrew Thomas who has witnessed the rise and fall of colleagues whose mantras, “Go Fast,” “Hustle more,” and “Hustle even more!” have led to burnout.

The most valuable benefits of slowing down are having greater clarity and being cognizant of the fact that keeping up a hectic pace could short-circuit your life. Slowing down helps us “harness the power of emotion,” Thomas adds, thus the quality of the decisions you make will skyrocket.

Okay…you’re convinced. Maybe a weekend away?

Belize Maya Ruin

Wrong answer. You can’t slow down if you’re only willing to grab a couple of days to catch your breath. You need to get away—far away—but it won’t help your blood pressure if you spend a fortune getting there and wind up worrying about your credit card bill for the entirety of your visit.

You need Belize. Badly. But not just some random place in Belize. Get yourself to the Slow Down Capital of Hopkins, the most laid-back area on the Caribbean coast, where charm, tranquility, and fun somehow get along famously and where you can slow down at your own speed and pace.

Unlike towns known for their party scene, Hopkins is called a “quiet unassuming beach town,” by writer Laura Diffendal, yet it’s filled with delights that draw visitors galore. Visitors can hike, swim and zipline at Bocawina National Park waterfalls, visit Maya King waterfalls, float down Monkey River to commune with the loudest primates on earth, and spot wildlife at Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve. Travelers fascinated by all things cultural love being in the epicenter of Garifuna society, where drumming, cooking, indigenous art, plus pubs and eateries await.

The resort dedicated to helping guests slow down

At Belizean Dreams Resort, frequent guests say it’s impossible not to slow down at this Hopkins resort where personalized service, soothing digs, world-class dining, and activities offer an environment that’s devoid of stress. Simplify your visit via an all inclusive package, with or without add-ons, that eliminates decision-making.

This multi-award-winning Hopkins haven offers access to a variety of tours that meet all types of interests and skill levels, and we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about the most fabulous amenity of all: The Bliss Salon and Spa, offering an abundance of services that beg to be tried.

Get your blood pressure down even lower by taking advantage of Belizean Dreams’ current special that could earn you a $50 per night discount if you meet all the criteria associated with this great deal. People are bound to notice the difference in your mood when you return. It’s up to you whether you want to reveal details about the destination that helped you slow down!

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