If You’re Single and Crave Scuba Diving, Come to Belize!

If You’re Single and Crave Scuba Diving, Come to Belize!

How’s your scuba diving knowledge? If you’re a trivia buff, you probably already know that:

  1. The word SCUBA is an acronym that stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  2. Jacques Cousteau invented this gear in 1943
  3. Sound waves travel five times faster underwater than on land
  4. Sea life looks 33-percent larger underwater
  5. SCUBA divers never hold their breaths!

Are you considering a solo scuba trip?

One of the first things divers learn when introduced to diving is “always dive with a buddy,” but for vacationers who either don’t know a soul as passionate about the sport or look upon scuba diving adventures as the perfect way to meet like-minded people, solo diving offers no shortage of fun, challenges, and opportunities – especially if your diving holiday happens to take place in Belize.

In case you’re a skeptic, you should know that happily married people and those in committed relationships have no reservations when it comes to setting off on their own adventures, so if that describes you, head for Belize and have a blast. You can tell your significant other all about your experiences when you get home.

The right tour makes all of the difference

Scuba Diving Belize

There are no guarantees that singles will find romance if they check into Belizean Dreams Resort, but this property is small enough to increase your chances of that happening. This award-winning resort, located in the village of Hopkins, is known for exceptional service, lush surroundings, the Bliss Salon and Spa, Eden-like environment, infinity pool and Woven Palms Restaurant overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

But what attracts guests most frequently are Belize vacation packages that allow guests to bundle their vacation expenses while targeting the activity in which they want to indulge. Belizean Dreams’ diving packages offer guests three options: The Great Blue Hole & Lighthouse Reef Tour, Whale shark diving tour (in season), and one specializing in reefs and atolls. Scheduled tours, when paired with all-inclusive packages, are ideally suited to single travelers eager to save money.

Your skill level won’t matter

Just say the word and you can find yourself diving along the Belize Barrier Reef, a landmark that’s so long and impressive, it’s seen by astronauts from outer space. You’ll encounter turtles, manta rays, or friendly whale sharks (March through June), magnificent coral gardens, and drop-offs that take divers into a wonderland of marine life that is so spectacular, it won’t seem real!

Whether you’re a newbie, a credentialed scuba diver, or your skills are best described as rusty, you’ll be taken care of by specialists trained in the art of helping visitors master this sport. Singles find during these outings all of the thrills they crave and the selfies you’ll send home will make you the envy of your crowd.

Can we guarantee that your excursions into the deep waters off Belize will also result in a romantic match made in heaven? Not exactly. But keep this in mind: Staying active through diving, indulging your curiosity about all aspects of the sport and your willingness to go the extra fathom in search of bliss will make you a more interesting and desirable person – someone who could prove irresistible to the opposite sex by land or by sea!

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