Belize: The Exhilarating, Exotic Travel Experience That Has No Equal

Belize Exotic travel

You don’t have to be an English language scholar to understand that the word “exhilarating” is in a class all its own! It sums up the way we feel when we’re happy thrilled, elated and excited, so when travel authorities refer to Belize as a nation that fits the very definition of the word exhilarating, you’re wise to listen up.

Despite being so close to the U.S., you can reach Belize by air in a couple of hours and visitors swear that they’ve stepped into an exciting world that romances one’s senses from the moment of arrival. Everything you see, hear, taste and smell is a unique mix of Afro-Caribbean culture, so it’s nothing like Belize’s Spanish-speaking neighbors. But perhaps you need specifics before you agree that Belize is exhilarating. How about these…?

The food is sumptuous. If you had no idea that Belize happens to be a foodie mecca, now you know the truth. Ethnic cuisine throughout the nation is a feast for the eyes and tummies, say travel writers and gourmands who swear dishes are a great diversion from “Spanish food” due to that Caribbean/Afro influence. Belize’s chocolates, beers, wines (and hot sauce!) are distinct and unique – as is everything found on plates from street food to fine dining.

The atmosphere is exotic. You don’t have to see all 900 of them (in fact, you probably couldn’t if you tried!), but the fully-excavated, works-in-progress and both above ground and cave ruins left behind by ancient Mayas are breathtaking. From caverns once used for religious rituals to magnificent temples, compounds and cities, identify exactly the type of Maya ruin you would like to see and you’ll find plenty of them in Belize.

Belize Exotic Travel

Environs are lush. One of the most forested nations in Central America, visitors can’t get enough of Mother Nature’s handiwork as they travel from pine forest to jungle beholding all manner of treasures and varieties of wildlife that would put Noah to shame. From exotic birds to the world’s only jaguar preserve – and from dramatic waterfalls to mountain ranges and forests filled with medicinal plants – if you want to experience what Eden was like, you owe it to yourself to put Belize atop your travel bucket list.

Coastlines are heavenly. Given the nation’s lengthy coastline plus an estimated 200+ cayes (islands and atolls), beachgoers and marine sports aficionados find paradise everywhere they venture. While some visitors want to do nothing more than stroll sandy beaches and swim in the ocean, others schedule as many aquatic activities as possible during a stay. From kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing to visiting World Heritage sites like The Blue Hole and the Belize Barrier Reef, this geological wonderland has become the quintessential choice of international divers.

Villages are delightful. Stay at a Belize resort that offers all inclusive packages plus close proximity to local towns and you’ve found the perfect way to vacation in Belize. One of the most popular is Belizean Dreams Resort near Hopkins, a lively town offering everything visitors crave, including fun shops, local attractions and the world’s friendliest people. Why not take advantage of Belizean Dreams specials that add value to your stay? See it all. Do it all – and discover for yourself the true meaning of the word “exhilarating,” which aptly describes your entire Belizean Dreams sojourn!

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