Lobster Fest is a Belize tradition, but 2020 marks the first time you can celebrate at Belizean Dreams!

Lobster Fest is a Belize tradition, but 2020 marks the first time you can celebrate at Belizean Dreams!

Do Not Miss Lobster Fest 2020 at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins, Belize

Have you ever weighed the importance of “first time” events? Think about it. Your first paycheck. Your first kiss. Your first graduation. Did you know that resorts are as serious about throwing first-time events as you are about celebrating them? 

It’s a question the folks at Belizean Dreams considered when deciding that 2020 would be a perfect time to institute their own version of Lobster Fest, so while the wild-and-crazy party has been a highlight of the Belize calendar since around 1998 (depending upon who you ask), this will be the first time Belizean Dreams hosts a celebration and you’ll want to be on hand to kick-start what is sure to become a tradition. 

Belize Lobster Fest

When should you come? 

Once upon a time, summer was ushered in with this nationwide tribute to crustaceans, but at Belizean Dreams, Lobster Fest Fridays are scheduled to be held on July 24, 2020, July 31, 2020, August 7, 2020 and August 14, 2020. Why the late date? Because the lobsters are just as bountiful in late July and early August, and the resort offer guests lots of discounts including traditional July/August rate dips. 

How do you get in on the action and be a part of this premier occasion? Only Belizean Dreams guests can participate in a plethora of activities scheduled just for the aforementioned Fridays, but the real party begins for those who score all inclusive packages, so even 3 course lobster dinners and snacks are included in the deal at no extra cost. 

Belize Lobster Fest

Want to see where these critters hang out?

They may be crusty and shy, but in their element, lobsters have set ideas about where they like to congregate. Take a peek at their habitat by signing on for a snorkeling tour to the Belize Barrier Reef on any Lobster Fest Friday. You’re welcome to try and snag a lobster while you’re down there and if you do, Belizean Dreams chefs will turn it into dinner accompanied by savory sides.

Prefer not to be introduced to your dinner? That’s okay, too. You’ll have just as much fun snorkeling the reef and once you get back to the resort, you can get in on the games, contests, dancing, and singing both before and after your seafood appears beautifully dressed on a plate and set before you. 

Must you bring your own bib? Only if you insist. Expect to indulge in ice-cold beers chosen for their ability to enhance lobster dishes and if you take part in enough Belizean Dreams fun and games on every Friday during Lobster Fest, you can party late into the night courtesy of those edible delights whose appearance at your table will be the highlight of your late-summer holiday and leave you with lots of “tails” to remember.