Tour a Belize Jungle. One Visit Could Change Your Life

Belize Jungle Tour

If the only jungle you’re familiar with is the concrete jungle that makes up your world, it’s time you took a page from Mother Nature’s playbook and beat a path to a green haven that can have such a powerful influence on your mind and body, you won’t mind paying for your Belize vacation! 

Perhaps you know so little about jungles, you conflate them with forests, but the differences are dramatic. Jungles are home to denser vegetation, little sunlight penetration, dramatic tree growth, moist air, and exotic wildlife species that outshine the squirrels, deer, and bears that hang out in forests. Sound mysterious and fascinating? A single visit to a Belize jungle has the power to impact your life, so you get much more than a vacation.

How jungles improve your health

Human visitors feel the palpable natural energy the moment they walk into jungles. It feels like going back in time—perhaps all the way to Eden! All five senses are stimulated—especially one’s hearing since the cacophony of chirping birds, chatter between wildlife, and the sound of plants moving to the rhythm of the wind can be mesmerizing. 

Among the many emotional and physiological benefits you’ll receive from jungle visits include improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, mood boosts, increased energy levels, and a boosted immune system. How many other vacation destinations can offer you these priceless perks?

Forget zoos! Belize is paradise

Belize jungles occupy nearly 30% of the nation’s landmass and are estimated to provide homes to around 145 species of mammals, 600+ species of birds, and 140 types of reptiles. Some of these magnificent creatures are found only in Central America and by choosing Belize, you could spot them all. 

But before you need your binoculars, you’ll require a place to stay, and no resort surpasses Belizean Dreams Resort, a Hopkins property that straddles the Caribbean Sea with close access to nearby jungles.

Located in the Stann Creek District, this land boasts a variety of aquatic activities to enjoy. But what’s likely to motivate your visit most of all is the pairing of Belizean Dreams’ all-inclusive package with the option for jungle tour add-ons. It’s a combination that sets this resort apart as the perfect destination for your Belize adventure.

Jungle adventure in Belize

An itinerary you’ll love

Enjoy three tours included within the Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On list offering you two days of awesome experiences: A river journey where the loudest monkeys on the planet serve as welcomers, a chocolate farm visit that includes making this tasty confection and learning about its Maya history, and a stop at a magical butterfly farm. 

You’ll visit the Maya King Waterfall for a picnic lunch, keep an eye out for the world of birds that blanket the jungle with their color and calls, and while you’re basking in these marvels, all the health benefits described in this blog post’s introduction are included at no extra charge! This Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On was introduced in June 2023 and it’s already getting rave reviews. Add your own. Mother Nature will thank you for visiting her kingdom!

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