Belize: Why it’s The Ideal “Workation Destination”

Belize: Why it’s The Ideal “Workation Destination”

As revelers celebrated modest, Covid-appropriate New Year’s Eve celebrations, publications like The Washington Post took a serious look at the way the world does business and found that “business as usual” is destined to take a serious hit in 2021.

Returning to the office? Not in every case. Truth is, in a world in which Zoom communications and video chats have become commonplace and high-speed Internet connections that keep getting faster, a return to work as many people knew it is as likely as the return of the woolly mammoth.

In just a matter of a year, new trends have emerged that show workers fleeing from major cities and worker budgets easing for remote employees who no longer commute, incur child care and other costs related to in-person office jobs. As Zoom continues to roll out new features, conference calls will reach a level of sophistication that makes face-to-face encounters unnecessary, thus saving companies money, too.

Importantly, professionals are finding that they like working remote for a list of reasons too long to cite here, and with that realization, an increase in people migrating to warmer climates where they can do business in swimsuits and leisurewear is quickly changing the face of employment.

Where are these people going? To Belize where English speakers, real estate tax breaks, easy-to-understand currency and exchange rates and a familiar legal system are all attracting remote workers like bees to honey.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Given this much change on the horizon, resorts like Belizean Dreams, located in Hopkins Village, are adapting business models to accommodate consumers who have come to the realization that doing business from Belize makes more sense than dealing with traffic, stress and office drama.

Creating a “workation” model that caters to the desires of guests who intend to conduct business from Belize, the resort offers packages that give remote workers everything they need to do business, including free Wi-Fi, suites designed for more than slumber, and because there are efficiencies associated with conducting business in Belize, transplanted workers find that they get more done, think more creatively and enjoy life more fully because they’re surrounded by recreational opportunities that keep their bodies as fit as their minds.

Are you thinking of joining this fast-growing movement? You’re foolish to say no if you’re afforded an opportunity to work remotely, and staff at Belizean Dreams stands ready to offer you the Belize vacation package you need to get started on your new lifestyle.

Further, resort staff is happy to tailor any of these packages to the needs of guests intending to work remotely or perhaps launch new enterprises. Here’s the best part of a Belizean Dreams workation: You can decide during your stay whether or not it makes sense to become a Belize homeowner and join the throngs of ex-pats who are buying up real estate for retirement or vacation homes.

Sound like a working arrangement that you could grow to love pretty quickly? It should. You’re the boss. And if your boss doesn’t care where you get your work done as long as you meet her deadlines, why would you hesitate?

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