When in Belize, Do What The Romans Did On Spring Break

When in Belize, Do What The Romans Did On Spring Break

The Internet is filled with historical data, so it’s no surprise to find an obscure note by “Huffington Post” that dug back in time to unearth the origins of spring break. Forget contemporary roots. Spring break origins are 2,000 years old, so while there were no bikini contests or chugging contests associated with this spring rite, kids were just as carefree and wild, honoring the god of wine while drinking the fruits of his labor.

Do you need a toga, or must you speak Latin to get the most out of your spring break? Not if you’re visiting Belize--though there are plenty of ancient ruins left behind by Maya civilizations who knew a thing or two about how to celebrate changing seasons.

Kayaking Belize

In fact, you can indulge your inner wild child by splitting your time between mysterious ruins, cave tubing and communing with some four-footed critters who like to celebrate spring just as much as you do.

Where to go for the ultimate spring break experience? The epicenter of enjoyment: Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins. Belizean Dreams is right in the heart of everything you want to do during spring break, and you can start celebrating on the plane because it’s just a couple of hours to Belize from North America.

Snorkeling Belize

What to see and do during your stay? That depends upon whether you want to limit your activities to the resort or you intend to see it just long enough to snooze. Stick around to enjoy great Belizean food and exotic beverages, hit the beach or the pool. Tiki Beach Bar hours are so convenient, you can drop by on hammock breaks where you could spot the palm tree genus you misidentified on your last botany exam.

Venture forth from the resort and experience spring break on steroids. See what’s going on at Maya ruins, explore the ATM cave and visit Cockscomb Basic Wildlife Sanctuary as an homage to the ultimate spring break movie, “Animal House.” Grab your gear and get some snorkel time along the Belize Barrier Reef.

We promise not to tell anyone about your Garifuna cultural experiences if you prefer, but if you return home after spring break having developed serious drumming skills, that’s because you mastered the most exciting rhythms on the planet. Plan to take selfies and video footage of yourself to show your folks. Enjoy the looks on their faces when they see that you’re not dressed in a toga!