Stop Dreaming and Start Packing: Belizean Dreams Opens on October 3rd!

Stop Dreaming and Start Packing: Belizean Dreams Opens on October 3rd!

Sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Of course. Is that all you need to bring when Belize’s international airport re-opens at long last on October 1, 2020? Actually, you need one more thing before enjoying the sun, fun, jungles, wildlife and best diving, fishing and snorkeling on the planet: You need a temperature of under 100-degrees, too.

Why add that to your list of essentials? Because it’s a condition that’s been set for anyone wishing to enter Belize, say airport authorities who have devised a health and safety gauntlet in preparation for tourists already booking flights to Belize. You’ll have to be tested and submit paperwork verifying your good health before you arrive, but who doesn’t want to be in the best of health for a long-awaited vacation — and who isn’t happy to follow precautions in order to protect the welfare of others?

If you’ve got a dreamy vacation in mind, you’ve been waiting for the Belize airport to reopen because you really, really need a Belize holiday, you’ll want to read this article and peruse the below chart so you are prepared for arrival. Once you’ve gotten the green light from airport staff and boarded transport taking you to your destination, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

What to Expect Upon Arrival in Belize

What to Expect in Belize

Where to go to get rid of the stress and angst your body and mind have been subjected to during your virus-related period of sequestration? Belizean Dreams Resort located in Hopkins. Belizean Dreams is not only lush, luxurious and the recipient of personal service awards, but because it was certified as a Gold Standard property, you can feel confident that stringent health and safety guidelines mandated by the Belize Tourism Board have been met.

Belizean Dreams Resort

Belizean Dreams reopens on October 3, 2020 and if you’ve stayed at this property in the past, you’ll notice a few differences in the way everything operates. From low-contact check-in to social distancing mandates, hand sanitizing stations and assurances of the highest attention to detail when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing digs, you can rest reassured that you’ll come home as healthy as you were on the day you arrived.

Take advantage of any of the Belizean Dreams Belize all inclusive packages on the resort’s menu so your only responsibility will be to show up and have fun. Everything you could want is taken care of: fabulous meals, a long list of onsite amenities and tours have been streamlined so outings include fewer people to keep guests safe.

Browse these Belize vacation packages to see which has your name written all over it. Each package saves money and with so many extras included by booking a package, October may just become your favorite month of the year to escape to Belize in the future.

Who doesn’t want to celebrate being healthy and happy under a palm tree while staring at the blue Caribbean Sea with an exotic cocktail in hand? We see you raising your hand. Time to use that hand to book your package so you can get to Belize before all of the resort’s reservations for early October are booked!

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