Why You Should Visit Belize in May (and Bring Mom!)

Why You Should Visit Belize in May (and Bring Mom!)

Plenty of people believe that Mother’s Day was the invention of the Hallmark Card Company, but the holiday’s roots reach more deeply into the past, say researchers at The History Channel. 

A woman named Anna Jarvis coined the phrase and the U.S. Congress made things official when they designated May 12th as Mother’s Day. Anna never had children of her own, but she’s still considered the woman behind the holiday.

What will you do for Mom on May 12th? After all she has done and sacrificed for you, flowers and candy may not do the trick if you’re grateful. She deserves a Belize vacation and here’s why you should take her if you want to become her favorite child:

  • Low season starts in May so rates are low (but you don’t have to tell mom that).
  • Choose a resort that knows a thing or two about how to treat moms. It doesn’t get any better than Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District.
  • There are fewer crowds in Belize in May, so mom can finally browse books she’s been collecting–but had no time to read–because she was taking care of family 24/7.
  • Mom deserves to be waited on hand and foot, so book Belizean Dreams spa services. 
  • Let her see how it feels to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning by treating her to sumptuous meals at the onsite restaurant. She’ll also love posh accommodations. 
  • Surprise your adventurous mom by taking her diving with whale sharks. Tag along and snap photos so her bridge club pals are impressed.
  • Make reservations and send a link to mom with a note so she can see what you’ve done to make this a Mother’s Day on she will never forget

But wait! There’s more

Let’s say your mom is too busy to celebrate Mother’s Day in Belize but she’s happy to babysit your kids while you treat your spouse to a respite. Make this a shared Mother’s Day/Father’s Day (it’s coming in June) adventure once grandma says yes to keeping the kids. 

Harried spouses find at Belizean Dreams to be nirvana. This resort has been known to help couples fall in love all over again. Couldn’t you benefit from a romantic, rejuvenating vacation? From luxurious accommodations at low-season rates to couples massages at the spa, focusing on yourselves and not on the kids is one of the healthiest things you can do for your relationship. 

There’s a bounty of reasons to make sure that Mother’s Day does not pass without taking advantage of myriad adventures, relaxing and enjoyable benefits found only in Belize–especially at Belizean Dreams Resort during the merry, affordable month of May!