Why December in Belize is as Hot as it Gets!

Why December in Belize is as Hot as it Gets!

Belize’s Tourism Season Begins In December

Columbia News Service editors must have run out of article ideas the day they ran an extensive article on the evolution of hotness! The term hot harkens back to 1000 AD and was used to describe both temperatures and people who were passionate. By the 1500s, the term hot love was used to describe sexual desire and by the 1800s, that definition held. Heiress Paris Hilton resurrected the most contemporary use of the word hot, but these descriptions pale in comparison to today’s hot travel scene in Belize.

Why is Belize hot? For starters, the Central American nation’s low virus cases make it a safe destination and once the airport re-opened to tourists on October 1, 2020, this nation became a hotbed of activity for people weary of virus-related sequestering. As summer ended and temperatures began to drop throughout North America, escaping to a clime that is literally hot is making Belize one sizzling nation to visit.

With increases in travel since restrictions were lifted and since word has gotten around the tourism industry that health and safety protocols put into place by Belize resorts, hotels, attractions, and entertainments are considered among the most outstanding in the hemisphere, making plans to come to Belize in December has become one of the hottest tickets in town! If you need an escape to a land that’s warm, welcoming, and wonderful, this is it!

When you put together plans to visit Belize in December, there’s only one place to get your fill of beach time, sun, fun, and excitement: Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins. Not only does Belizean Dreams offer you human warmth and temperature delights, but the resort rates highly on the amenities scale. There’s a reason this resort wins accolades from travelers and critics alike.

Belizean Dreams Resort

A Belize Vacation In December Is Always Memorable

From the Woven Palms Restaurant and beachfront Tiki Bar where gourmet dining delights even picky foodies to the property’s tropical environment, gorgeous suites, swimming pool, and the Bliss Spa where personal pampering is elevated to an art, you will have to force yourself to leave the property long enough to sample the wide variety of tours found only on the Belizean Dreams menu.

Since temperatures in December range from 77- to 86-degrees F, cooling down will require you to avail yourself of a jacket or wrap at night, but given full days seeing Maya ruins, majestic waterfalls, jungles filled with wildlife, and other extraordinary sites, you’re probably going to want to hunker down in your gorgeous accommodations early in preparation for the next day’s adventures.

Almost convinced to dig up your passport and start making plans? Here’s an incentive you won’t be able to resist: December specials offered by Belizean Dreams are not just hot but scorching! Consider your visit the gift you give yourself for surviving what Queen Elizabeth once called her “annus horribilis” (Latin for a horrible year) as you look back upon 2020 with gratitude for your health and wellbeing.

You deserve a safe, luxurious warm-weather vacation and these Belizean Dreams deals are the hottest you’ll find. December under the Belize sun and at a reasonable cost? Travel doesn’t get any hotter!

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