Get Help Deciding Where to Go on Your Honeymoon Vacation

Get Help Deciding Where to Go on Your Honeymoon Vacation

Dreaming of a Heavenly Honeymoon Haven? This is it!

Well-meaning friends insist that Mexico makes the best honeymoon destination of all. Your parents are pushing for Niagara Falls because that’s where they went on their honeymoon. But friends and family may not have your best interests at heart. Escapes they suggest reflect their ideas of best honeymoons—not yours. And who wants to launch a marriage by accruing debt? What’s the perfect solution? In a word, Belize.

This nation loves lovers and offers so many things to see and do, it’s become the Western Hemisphere’s favorite honeymoon destination. It’s close. It’s exotic. And while it’s gorgeous, tropical and romantic, what attracts couples as frequently is the fact that you can honeymoon in Belize, enjoy all of the frills, and save money, too.

Remember: This is about both of you!

TripSavvy, the popular website for travelers, reminds honeymooners that a language shift is needed once you start honeymoon decision making, so whether you are using weather or your budget as criteria, “drop the “my honeymoon” phrase from your vocabulary right now and start referring to it as “our honeymoon.”

This is awesome advice because once you’ve shared the experience of honeymoon shopping with the love of your life—and found in Belizean Dreams Resort everything the two of you crave—you begin the process of shared experiences that will influence all of the decisions you two make over time.

Belizean Dreams Resort: Start your marriage off on the right foot

There are plenty of places to choose in Belize for your honeymoon, but few check off as many boxes as does this exquisite destination. Seeing is believing and it takes only a momentary visit to the resort’s website to discover that this haven is movie-set worthy and ideal for your post-wedding getaway.

Nine stand-alone villas are the epitome of privacy and luxury, so you’ll never find a more intimate setting for your first days together as Mr. and Mrs. Stay in your beautiful suite for the duration of your visit or spend all of your time outside letting off post-wedding steam via diving, swimming, snorkeling or even ziplining. It’s your honeymoon and staff at Belizean Dreams wants the experience to be perfection.

Unwrap the perfect Belize all inclusive honeymoon package

Your goal of not getting into debt while having the honeymoon of your dreams is easily achieved by booking the resort’s honeymoon all inclusive package. This is no bare-bones experience; you’ll be treated like the special guests you are:

  • Local transportation to the resort is part of the package
  • You’ll be greeted by fresh flowers and a floral turn down
  • Choose any spot you like for your private candlelight dinner
  • Design your stay at Belizean Dreams to match your interests
  • Enjoy fine dining at the gourmet restaurant
  • Make memories that last a lifetime!

If your appetite is whetted, you know what to do! Stop dreaming and start booking. Given the small size of Belizean Dreams, it’s important to make early reservations so you secure your accommodations in plenty of time to check this essential item off your to-do list and get on with the business of planning your future.

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