Belize For Couples: Seriously Sweet Things To Do

Belize For Couples: Seriously Sweet Things To Do

When love is in the air around Hopkins Village, Belize, fragrances, tastes, and experiences can only be described as sweet!

You don’t have to be a kid to equate the word “sweet” with cookies and cakes. But as you grew up, “sweet” likely described a member of the opposite sex on whom you had a crush. These days, sweet has become a favored response to statements like: “Donuts in the break room.” The appropriate response? “Sweet!” 

Given the importance of the word and the many images it brings to mind, planning a sweet itinerary of things do when vacationing in Hopkins Village, Belize with someone you adore is sure to give your love life a big boost. There are many sweet experiences to be had when you vacation here—these are just 5 of them. 

Belize Offers Life-changing Trips For Couples

  1. Renew your vows on a beach and follow the ceremony with a sweet reception that ends with a luscious wedding cake. Where to get all of this? At Belizean Dreams Resort where staff loves nothing more than catering to couples who are in love 12 months a year.

Belizean Dreams Wedding Cake

  1. Book one of five romantic all inclusive packages offered by Belizean Dreams, so you get the sweetest of all deals. Included are lush accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, meals and water activities. Oh, and there will be plenty of sweet snacks around to keep you two going in-between meals and excursions. 

  2. Find your sweet activity spot by visiting Belize’s barrier reef. Drop into the Great Blue Hole, take the Lighthouse Reef Tour or go Whale Shark diving in season. Belizean Dreams makes all of the arrangements, sends lunches along and dessert is always included. Belize Dreams also offers diving classes just in case you’re a newbie.

  3. Work off the bounty of sweet treats you consume throughout your visit by learning to dance Garifuna-style and getting a lesson or two in the art of drumming. You’re in the perfect location to do this because this area of Belize has a vibrant Garifuna community in which you’re invited to immerse yourself.

  4. You may not want to leave Belizean Dreams Resort at all when you see the sweet and savory dishes awaiting you on the resort menu. At the Woven Palms Restaurant, master chefs specializing in island fusion cuisine produce the tastiest dishes on the planet. If you insist on having it all, a relaxing massage at the resort spa before you dine could send you over the moon.

Belize Hopkins Culture

Book Your Couples Vacation at Belizean Dreams

If you’re fortunate enough to visit Hopkins Village and Belizean Dreams in late May, chocolate is king at an annual festival that is the epitome of sweet. Enhance your love life by sampling Belizean chocolates throughout your stay and if anyone asks, tell them you’re just following doctor’s orders. Scientists have proven that chocolate, invented by Belize’s Maya people, is not only loaded with antioxidants but it’s an aphrodisiac, too. Now, that’s sweet!