5 Tips To Get You Started Planning Your Belize Dream Honeymoon

5 Tips To Get You Started Planning Your Belize Dream Honeymoon

If everyone in your circle has started giving you free honeymoon advice you haven’t asked for, humor them and give each one a big hug. They mean well, after all. But this is your honeymoon, not theirs, so think creatively when you plan. Our 5 tips can get you started. At that point, customize your experience so it’s exactly what you two crave.

  1. Start your plan with a budget. Who wants to get into spats related to money during the most blissful, romantic getaway of your lives? You can avoid this pitfall by searching the Internet for honeymoon planning spreadsheets.
  2. Choose Belize for all the right reasons. It’s a honeymooner’s paradise, as proven by the amount of coverage this small nation receives from travel and wedding-focused magazines, where pristine beaches, proximity to the world’s second-longest barrier reef, welcoming, English-speaking people, and enough historic Maya sites to satisfy curious honeymooners await. Water sporting activities are so diverse, offshore Belize is an aquatic paradise and home to the best fishing, scuba diving, boating, and snorkeling on the planet.
  3. Agree on honeymoon rules. Become an equal opportunity spouse from the get-go by acknowledging and respecting the fact that each of you may want to do different things during your honeymoon. For couples frequenting Belize’s favorite honeymoon property, Belizean Dreams, a menu of activities available through the concierge is so diverse, both of you will get your wishes. These fun, historic, fascinating, and sometimes educational options come standard with the resort’s one-of-a-kind honeymoon romance package add-on that takes all of the work out of your sojourn.

Belizean Dreams Beach Romance

  1. Don’t strive for perfection. Even Adam and Eve got into trouble courtesy of that snake, and despite honeymooning in paradise, things can go wrong and likely will in spite of all of your planning. Experts recommend arriving at Belizean Dreams with whatever you bring along and no expectations. Belizean Dreams staffers are experts at helping newly married couples cope with snafus, so count on these kind-hearted people to help you sort things out.
  2. Treat yourselves like royalty. Having already concluded that the Belizean Dreams accommodations you have chosen are right for you, that onsite amenities can’t be beaten and having scrolled through the Belizean Dreams website to whet your appetites for all the excitement, tranquility, and relaxation that awaits, saying yes to spa treatments always belongs on a honeymoon list. Plenty of couples find these services as delicious as the food served by the resort’s gourmet restaurant.

Is it wrong to want it all without paying a fortune to enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams? Of course not. And if your wedding date coincides with Belizean Dreams’ current Belize travel specials, you could even save money. You’ve found each other. Now, find the destination dedicated to making yours the most fabulous honeymoon a couple could wish for — a haven where dreams come true in the most romantic ways.

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