Belize Cave Tubing, Rappelling and Zip-lining Tours

Belize Cave Tubing, Rappelling and Zip-lining Tours

Zip, Rap, or Dip on your Belize All Inclusive Vacation!

Adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies all agree that when visiting Belize, cave tubing, rappelling and zip-lining tours are among the “MUST DO” Belize adventure tours! Here’s an inside scoop on these exciting tours.

Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins, Belize, is the place to be! This All Inclusive Resort offers several cave tubing, rappelling and zip-lining tours. The Cave Tubing and Canopy Zip-lining Tour, included in several all inclusive packages, are a combination of two thrilling experiences outlined on most adventure travelers’ bucket lists. That’s right, this unique combination tour allows you to tick off both at the end of the day! First allow yourself the thrill of zip-lining on five platforms ranging from 100 to 500 feet atop the Belize jungle. This adventure tour will have you flying through the rainforest canopy to experience a bird’s-eye view of the vibrant and lively rainforest as well as flowing rivers. After this exciting portion of this adventure tour, you will be able to cool down by tubing through the extensive ancient Mayan cave systems. Speed and time are the last things on your mind with this part of the tour! Once everyone is ready to go, you and your fellow tubers will embark on a leisurely float into the cave system under the guidance of your tubing specialist. Here you will discover the remarkable geological features of this exotic and rich but mysterious cave. Caves have been an intricate part of the Mayan religion and culture as the Mayas believed caves created a portal between the human world and the invisible underworld of the gods referred to as Xibalba (Place of Fright). Since they were once used as ceremonial sites, a vast variety of evidence demonstrating these activities can still be found inside. It’s safe to say, the history of the Mayans of Belize can be relived during this tour.

Cave Tubing Belize

Did the description of that tour leave you thinking about the possibilities of exploring other caves in Belize? Well, it’s time for you to take a trip to the most talked about cave in Belize and National Geographic’s most sacred cave in the world – The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM). This National Geographic featured cave is situated in the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve of Belize’s western district, Cayo. Experience the ongoing miracles that created this masterpiece of underground wonders. You’ll see interesting artifacts such as, carvings of faces, pottery and skeletons as this was once a burial site. The most striking of all are human skeletal remains dating as far back as 1,000 years. You really wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to experience the natural wonders of the Mayan history! This Specialty Tour is not included in any of the all inclusive vacation packages but can easily be added to your stay at this Hopkins Resort.

ATM Cave Belize

Craving more caving adventures? Then be prepared to challenge your innermost fears with our truly thrilling Black Hole Drop tour. The Black Hole implies a bottomless pit, as the floor of this infamous Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole lies 310 feet deep leaving you with the impression that it is endless. It’s time to pull out the tennis or the boots you’ve been storing under your bed or in your closet! An invigorating hike up the Maya Mountains will lead you to the Black Hole which is located near the mouth of the Actun Loch Tunich cave. Once strapped in and secured into your harness, this unique climbing adventure really begins as you are lowered over the ledge to descend downwards toward the vast darkness. The first 10 feet provides a rush of adrenaline, upon approaching 100 feet the view starts to reveal itself while the next 200 feet provides an unforgettable experience rewarding those brave enough to witness with immense splendor. Once at the bottom a much deserved rest is taken before preparing to climb the rock face to make your way back to the surface. This Specialty Tour can be booked separately before or during your Belize vacation as it is not included in any of the All Inclusive packages.

Black Hole Drop Belize

For your next Belize adventure, there’s no need for a compass! Our knowledgeable guide will lead the way. Venture not too far away from your home base of Belizean Dreams Resort to Mayflower Bocawina National Park, located only 15 miles inland from your stunning beachfront abode. This national park is filled with adventure and activities, offering various experiences for visitors with moderate to advanced activity levels. Here, you can experience two exciting combination tours: The Jungle Zip-lining and Waterfall Rappelling or the Jungle Zip-lining and Waterfall Hiking. Bocawina is home to Belize’s longest zip line extending 2 ½ miles across the Park with the longest single run being 2,300 feet. It encompasses 14 platforms and 9 traverses. Safety is the number one priority – there is a triple cable line feature on all our zip-lines for safety. In preparation for the zip-lining portion of any of these excursions, you will be securely fastened to a harness by expert guides & platform directors. You are then connected to the cable which leads from one platform to another. Soar through the canopy of treetops above the rich biodiversity of Belize’s tropical forests. As you glide in awe, the sensation of flying through the jungle is absolutely breathtaking. Absorb the sights and sounds of a vibrant array of native bird species along the way. Without a doubt, your adrenaline levels will be at an all-time high. These tours are a definite must for vacationers who are sure to get a bird’s-eye view of the lush rainforest as you zip above!

Ziplining Belize

Add even more thrills to this experience by rappelling down or climbing up a 1,000 foot water fall – that’s two unique adventures in one location! Both tours include zip-lining. The Jungle Zip-lining and Waterfall Hiking tour also includes a guided Waterfall Hiking Tour. You will be fascinated with the flora and fauna of Belize’s rainforest as well as the stories our guide will share as you make your way to the waterfall. Once you reach the waterfall, you will climb to the very top where you will reward yourself with a cool dip in the natural emerald pool while enjoying the perfect mountain views.

Waterfall Rappelling Belize

Conversely, adrenaline junkies yearning for more adventure can take advantage of the Jungle Zip-lining and Waterfall Rappelling Tour. After your demanding hike, welcome the challenge of rappelling down hundreds of meters parallel to the waterfall while feeling the rush of the water below you in utter astonishment. You can then swim in the calm waters at the bottom of the falls! Both tours are Specialty Tours which means they are not included in any vacation package. Simply contact our Reservation Team to add either of these tours to your Belize getaway.

Belizean Dreams has got your double or triple dose of adrenaline! Since the resort is centrally located on the southern coast of Belize and nestled directly in-front of the beach in the Garifuna village of Hopkins, it’s just minutes away from all of Belize’s major attractions such as: Maya Temples, Caves, Waterfalls and an EXCLUSIVE Snorkeling & Island Hoping Tour to the Belize Coral Reef. Guests can experience the best of both inland & island adventures. Come experience the very best of Belize at Belizean Dreams!

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