Belize Birding Tours

Belize Birding Tours

Do you enjoy listening to the soothing natural sound of birds singing? Do you enjoy observing birds in their natural environment? Of course you do! Every bird enthusiast enjoys the art of birdwatching. We think it’s time to let you in on a little secret: Belize is a birders’ paradise! Join any one of our Belize Birding Tours to experience the magic of observing over 570 species of our feathered friends.

As you listen for telltale sounds, you’ll soon discover that every bird’s chirp is unique in its own right and you’ll even learn to spot the unique feather pattern of each — what a treat for the senses! Belize provides an ideal setting for bird fanatics to do what they love.

Don’t believe us? Then read for yourself what one traveler just like you shared on our TripAdvisor’s page after staying at Belizean Dreams Resort.  

Great Service with a Smile!
…We had a great bird watching trip with a knowledgeable guide. We would not wish to single out of any the staff as they all went out of their way to make sure we had a holiday to remember – and we did!


Our Sittee River Bird Watching Tour takes you on a journey along the banks of the Sittee River. Heading out just before daybreak, our knowledgeable guide will help you spot up to 500 of Belize’s most exotic bird species. This tour will keep you on your toes, you’ll be amazed at the diversity. A few examples of the variety of beautiful birds your guide may point out include: keel-billed toucans, green herons, hummingbirds, and parrots. Curious to explore a more focused viewing?  Well, check out our Macaw Birding Tour, which offers you the opportunity to watch arguably the most magnificent bird of the parrot family soar above the Mayan Village of Red Bank – the Scarlet Macaw. Though their daring 35 miles per hour speed may keep you engaged, it’s their vibrant and extremely loud cry that commands your attention. What’s so great about our birding tour sites? Both of these diverse habitats are easily accessible and just minutes away from our Belize beach resort.  

Are you a novice birdwatcher, not quite ready to commit to a bird watching tour? No worries! We’ve got you covered. In Belize, birds are everywhere! We can’t think of a day that goes by without seeing these feathered beauties on our property, which means you can birdwatch from your very own private balcony. Here’s what Albertabound2014 had to tell the world after her vacation:

The large beautifully built room had a large balcony that had a REAL Ocean view. Bird watching could be done from it. The grounds were beautiful.

Whether you’re birdwatching for recreational or scientific research, there’s no denying that while one can observe birds with the naked eye, the experience is enhanced by using binoculars or even a telescope, so be sure to bring those along! 

Ready to get started with an amazing birding vacation? Contact us today to add a Belize Bird Watching Tour to your all inclusive vacation package, and let’s get chirping. Be sure to bring this Birds of Belize checklist with you and see how many birds you get to spot on your vacation with us!

Paradise off the beaten path
… Or just get up early, drink coffee on the balcony, and watch the variety of tropical birds flitting from the trees.


Scarlet Macaw Birdwatching Belize