Make a Visit to Belize’s Barrier Reef Part of Your Life Story

Make a Visit to Belize’s Barrier Reef Part of Your Life Story

You don’t have to have a degree in marine biology to appreciate the Belize Barrier Reef, a natural wonder that extends 190-miles along the Belize coastline and offers so many pleasurable opportunities to celebrate Mother Nature, even jaded travelers have been known to wax poetic about the sites they see. 

Photographers can’t get enough. Divers feel the same way. The Belize Barrier Reef is a singular masterpiece of geology that attracts people from around the world, because the reef is just that unique. 

Rising up from the ocean is this ancient system of coral and petrified skeletal remains of millions of creatures that came to the reef millions of years ago, so it’s no wonder it was given UNESCO World Heritage Site protection. It’s a place everyone should visit during their lifetime. 

What will you discover when you visit? 

The Belize Barrier Reef means different things to different people. But one of the things everyone agrees on is having a place to headquarter during a reef-focused visit. Belizean Dreams, the award-winning resort, is the perfect choice due to its proximity to the reef and activity menu offered by staff. If you come will you… 

-Fish the waters surrounding the reef? 
-Kayak along the 190-mile reef, stopping for a picnic and photos? 
-Meet up with whale sharks, oversized sea turtles, manatees or crocodiles? 
-Spend most of your time exploring the subterranean world beneath the surface? 

Our recommendations 

At Belizean Dreams Resort, we ask visitors those questions every day because there is so much to do. We offer enough excursions and experiences to keep visitors in a state of bliss, and if you only accomplish these six goals while you’re visiting the reef, we will consider our job done: 

1. Visit each of the “big three” atolls: Lighthouse Reef, Glovers’ Reef and Turneffe. 
2. Understand why Darwin proclaimed the reef “the most remarkable in the West Indies.” 
3. Go caving, fish and sail—-all on the same day, if you have that much stamina. 
4. Drive the Blue Hole, a quirk of nature so dramatic, it can be seen from the moon. 
5. Tour lots of cayes to satisfy your interest in diversity (each one is distinct). 
6. Discover Belizean Dreams’ all-inclusive deals that include lodging, meals and excursions. 

Belizean Dreams staffers covet opportunities to introduce the world to the second longest barrier reef on the planet and they would love to host you. Get a taste of the good life while exploring this majestic destination from the vantage point of luxury accommodations. We have yet to hear one visitor say they regretted making the decision to see this natural treasure.