Top Airlines Flying to Belize: Your Winter 2024 Travel Guide

Belize Airlines Winter 2024

One of the most magnificent sights above and below clouds as fall temperatures drop is the mass migration of birds heading south once weather makes their summer homes inhospitable. These birds are no fools; they know that as soon as winter arrives, the availability of insects and other foods diminishes or simply disappears.

Avian species summering in North America don’t have to go far for great weather. They flock to Central America where mild year-round temperatures welcome them, and no nation serves as a way station for feathered creatures as hospitably as Belize where the nation’s topography proves a welcoming respite. How many species can birdwatchers spot? Around 618, and if you want to know more about them, visit Avibase’s Belize web page.

Humans want to fly south, too!

The urge to escape bad weather is as inculcated in the brains of people as it is in birds, which is why winter travel to Caribbean destinations escalates dramatically at year’s end. Airlines emulate this migratory pattern, scheduling flights for passengers desperate to escape the cold, and English-speaking Belize is expected to welcome a record number of visitors this winter.

The San Pedro Sun recently projected a “Increase in international flights to Belize expected this winter season,” according to Nicole Solano, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism. She predicts the number of flights scheduled for winter 2024 will surpass the nation’s 2019 peak. If you’d like to be among the snowbirds winging your way south, count on these airlines for reservations that will save you time and stress.

More flights. More sun and fun

  • American Airlines and WestJet announced increasing winter flights to Belize as of November.
  • WestJet will extend the number of daily winter departures from Toronto and Calgary.
  • In December, JetBlue will introduce direct flights from JFK to Belize.
  • Alaska Airlines will increase the number of direct flights from Los Angeles, and restart direct flights from Seattle in November.
  • Southwest Airlines has committed to additional flights departing from Houston, plus Saturday-only service from Baltimore.
  • These cities offer the greatest number of flights to Belize: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, and New York.
  • Top North American airlines you can rely upon are Alaska, American, Air Canada, Delta, Frontier, WestJet, Southwest and United.

Belize flights Winter 2024

Where to stay once you land

Having found the information you need to book your flight, it’s time to choose a welcoming destination. Belizean Dreams Resort, located in laid-back Hopkins, offers curated stays that suit every guest’s travel preferences, offering all inclusive packages, spa services, and access ancient Maya temples, lush jungles and every aquatic sport you enjoy.

You’ll be delighted to learn that there are current deals available just for folks who need to defrost but are saving all of their discretionary funds for holiday presents. Can you think of a better year-end gift for yourself now that you know exactly which airlines will get you here?

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