Dreaming of a Pre-Baby Getaway? You Two Deserve a Babymoon

Belize Babymoons

If asked to list the types of vacations offered to today’s travelers, how many would you come up with? Some are obvious (e.g., the quintessential honeymoon) while others have fewer sentimental attachments—like girlfriend trips and adventure getaways. Given the travel world’s propensity for coming up with innovative new angles for themes that justify escapes, you may not be surprised by one of the newest types: The babymoon.

Your grandmother may look at you quizzically if you tell her that you plan to take a babymoon, but once you explain that this trip is becoming extremely popular, she’ll understand. New babies bring dramatic lifestyle changes that impact your world, so why wouldn’t you want to vacation before you give birth? Like honeymoons, babymoons are celebratory getaways and there are no set rules since this trend is still in its infancy. Best of all, you design your pre-baby adventure once you pick a destination!

Where you go is extremely important

Not every expectant mom wants to try to fasten an airplane seatbelt after a doctor approves travel plans, but if you’re up for it in order to take this last child-free getaway as a couple, Belize belongs atop your list of places to sojourn. The flight is short, so risks associated with sitting too long are eliminated and there is no better place to get your fill of Vitamin D (bone-building sunlight) to relax you—even if baby registers delight by kicking—a likely sign that she appreciates your resort choice!

When can you take a babymoon? Once again, you’ll want to consult your doctor but plenty of women travel during their third trimester, so consult your body based on your unique pregnancy. Where you stay is especially important to your health and well-being, which is why Belizean Dreams Resort makes an ideal destination.

Everyone speaks English, and the property is designated a Tourism Gold Standard Hotel by Belize’s government, which means that practices and policies associated with guest health and safety could not meet a higher standard.

Belize is Perfect for Your Babymoon

Craft your own itinerary

It’s unlikely zip-lining will be included among activities on soon-to-be mom’s radar, but it could be the ideal thrill for dad while you relax along the Caribbean shoreline. By selecting the Belize all inclusive package that suits your expectations, every detail of your stay is pre-arranged including non-strenuous Belize tours, or rent a golf cart to shop nearby boutiques for baby clothing.

Enjoy the sparkling swimming pool, read the book you haven’t had time to open and share your day’s adventures over the delicious dinner prepared just for you by chefs delighted to make sure your dietary restrictions are honored with advance notice. Babymoons are more than the chance to enjoy intimate time together. Your world is going to change for the better before long, so make it a meaningful sojourn. You may have such a fabulous time, you’ll vow to do it again—both the baby and the babymoon, of course!

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