Adventure Day In Hopkins Belize: Go Hiking, See The Barrier Reef, & Enjoy The Unique Wildlife

Adventure Day In Hopkins Belize

Liz Weiss, writing for U.S. News and World Report, decided to focus on what she called “boundary-pushing” trips that appeal to nomads in search of thrills. She suggested Queenstown, New Zealand where bungee jumping is king, trekking Patagonia, dog sledding in Scandinavia, safaris in South Africa, and climbing Mt. Everest. Each of these trips comes with outrageously huge price tags.

Must you miss out on thrills just because your salary isn’t in the mega-millions? Not if you pay attention to opportunities near home. Suppose you could bungee jump, see as many critters as you’ll spot in South Africa, zipline over jungles, and repel down waterfalls after a relatively short airline flight? Every one of these experiences and more is found in Belize where everyone speaks English, too.

All the adventure you can handle

If life has dealt you a few too many situations where “what you see isn’t necessarily what you get,” you’ll find a refuge and become a believer during a stay at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins where accommodations are clean and comfortable, dining is exceptional and every adventure on your “must-do” list can be found on the resort’s tour menu. This includes caving, tubing, repelling, zipping, jungle hiking, horseback riding, and more.

Only Belize is home to the second longest barrier reef on the planet, so the excitement you enjoy on land includes aquatic adventures like snorkeling, diving, fishing, and reef exploration. Belize is also home to 900 Mayan ruins. You won’t find one exotic Mayan ruin in the other places Weiss described, but you will find adventures that have no equal. For these reasons and more, Belize is the adventure capital of the globe and both Hopkins and Belizean Dreams Resort are at its epicenter.

Adventure Day In Hopkins Belize

No compromises on aspects of your Belizean Dreams sojourn

Because your desire to squeeze maximum excitement out of every day is at the forefront of your brain, no worries about languishing in primitive digs. Belizean Dreams is awash in tropical splendor, from lodgings to the gourmet restaurant you’ll frequent when you’re in-between adventures. Further, you can also get your fill of boutiques, art galleries, shops, pubs, and local attractions within charming Hopkins Village.

We saved the best part for last: Choose a Belize all inclusive package and save a bundle compared to booking lodgings, meals, tours, and other vacation expenses individually. As you can see, each package offers unique recreation options.

Just when you thought this haven couldn’t get any better, we invite you to check out the resort’s Bliss Salon & Spa where the results of exerting yourself during those tours are soothed so you’re ready to experience the next day’s adventure. Can you have your adventure abroad and return home to a mailbox devoid of vacation bills? You bet. Dreams do come true and now that you know where to get your thrills, you won’t have to search any further.

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