The weather, what can I expect on my Belize vacation?

Planning your Belize vacation and looking for information on what the weather is like? Well, let us tell you a little about the weather here in our beautiful country, Belize.

While no one can truly predict what the weather will be like, Belize is blessed to have near perfect summer-like weather all year round. Having sub-tropical climate, Belize's yearly average temperature is around 84ºF. The weather in our little "Belizean Jewel" can either be hot, hotter or wet.



Unlike other parts of the world having four seasons, Belize only has two main seasons – the dry season and the wet season, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. 



The dry season
November through January are what Belizeans would refer to as “winter months” as even with warm sunny days, the night temperatures are exceptionally cool and windy with an occasional short burst of rainfall.

February through to May are hotter months, with little to no rainfalls, the weather remains perfect for lounging on the beach, doing adventure tours such as snorkeling, cave tubing, zip lining or hiking.



The average temperatures during the dry season are around 73 – 82ºF. Even in our "winter months" the temperature rarely falls below 60ºF, while in our hotter months you can expect to experience occasional highs of around 96ºF.

The dry season is usually the peak for tourism in Belize, as most travelers seek to escape the frigid temperatures of their home country.



The wet season

June through August are what Belizeans would refer to as "summer months", while you may be surprised with some early morning or late night periodic showers, most days are still warm and sunny.

September and October are the wettest, and you can surely expect frequent rainfalls, winds and the occasional thunderstorms throughout the day. Rain showers during the day are usually brief, and therefore it rarely affects outdoor activities, ensuring that visitors can still enjoy our vacation destinations. September is also a month full of celebrations in Belize because we celebrate two National Holidays, one being our Independence Day and the other The Battle of St. George’s Caye Day, a defining moment in attaining our independence. Read more here.



The wet season is also known as hurricane season for our region (June 1st to November 30th). While Belize has avoided direct storm hits in the past, it does get its fair share of severe tropical weather with heavy rains and winds. The Belize National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has branches in all six districts that each work diligently to keep Belize safe and well informed during the hurricane season. Since hurricanes usually takes several days or even weeks to develop, the path of the storm can easily be tracked and predicted using the latest technology, which allows potentially threatened areas ample time to prepare for the storm.



The average temperatures during the wet season are around 79 – 86ºF, with moderate to high rainfalls and thunderstorms. It is important to note that rainfall varies significantly in the country depending on the location.

These months are considered the low season for our tourism industry. Booking rates during the "low season" are lower for most hotels and resorts in Belize, increasing accessibility to those interested in visiting our "jewel". So you can have your "Belizean Dreams" experience for even less with fewer crowds. Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS!



While both the dry and wet seasons may appeal to you for different reasons, Belize is blessed with an overall tropical weather. This tropical luxury ensures that visitors can truly enjoy Belize all year round, making it an ideal vacation destination to visit.



At Belizean Dreams, we like to say “The mind is a powerful tool, if you believe you will have a great vacation, you most-likely will have an unBELIZEable vacation!” Don’t believe us? Below is a clip from a guest's TripAdvisor review.



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