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Whether you are a food connoisseur versed in the world of fine dining, or a regular foodie simply interested in interesting tastes that make your palette go “wow!,” Belizean Dreams can meet all of your needs.


hopkins belize restaurant


belizean food


belizean food


Belize is a melting pot of cultures and intercultural people who are all blessed with different ways of life, beliefs and traditional foods. For this very reason, there is a multitude of cultural food to enjoy and experience on a Belize Vacation. It’s no wonder that dining in Belize is always a treat! In fact, our diversity is one of our country’s most attractive features for visitors from all walks of life.


belizean food


belizean food


At Belizean Dreams Resort we aim to offer our guests the most authentic Belizean experience through a unique blend of Belizean, Caribbean and Meso-American cuisines. With our Hopkins Belize Restaurant, The Woven Palm, located right on property our guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack option as well.  Our menu provides a flavorful combination of cultural Belizean dishes prepared with a variety of locally grown produce and fresh seafood.


belizean ceviche


belizean tamales


Although the Garifuna Culture is predominant in Hopkins, and our guests do come to experience their rich culture, our traditional daily specials offer a taste of the various ethnicities that makes Belize so unique. From a breakfast of fluffy fry jacks with eggs and beans to a lunch of tamales or stewed chicken with the traditional rice and beans to a delicious dinner of blacken snapper alongside a savory serving of zucchini rice -our Hopkins Belize Restaurant is sure to entice your taste buds each and every time.


belizean breakfast


belizean rice and beans


belizean hudut


Enjoy all your meals with some of the best tropical drinks in Hopkins! Served by our friendly bartenders, the drinks offered at our Tiki Beach Bar will surely dazzle your taste buds. Happy Hour is never a dull one at the Tiki Bar, especially with our skilled bartenders who ensure each guests visit is a fun and exciting one. Our Happy Hour is so fun it should actually be called “Happy Hours” as it extends from 4pm to 6pm daily.   Come join us for a taste of Belizean cuisine in a beachfront, open-air setting.


hopkins beach bar


belizean drinks

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