The Garifuna Culture allures you to the wonders of Stann Creek

The Garifuna culture is a hybrid of African slaves and Caribs/Arawak to form a unique culture bursting with passion, enthusiasm and Religion. The Stann Creek District offers you the philosophy of the Garifuna people along with their history and traditions practiced to keep the culture alive. Furthermore it includes a superb wildlife adventure with the world’s first jaguar preserve, thrilling waters perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking etc. and a smooth relaxed vibe in the sparkling sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast.


Be a part of the Garifuna culture by:


 Visiting the culture capital (Dangriga) where the religion is embraced


Mmmm! Hudut! Enjoying one of the culture’s most exquisite cuisines


Live the Garifuna experience by dancing and rejoicing to the rhythm of the culture


Witness how the garifuna’s first came to Dangriga at the Annual Garifuna Settlement Day celebration


Extracurricular activities to do when spending time in Stann Creek:


Experience the breath taking view of the second highest point in Belize (Victoria Peak)


You can go island hopping to experience the elegance of the cayes, but don’t forget to Stopover to a precious jewel of Belize; the Barrier reef


Relax by the beach while having an exotic Belizean beverage


Visit Belizean Dreams today to give you a full Stann Creek experience. From the exclusivity of terrestrial and aquatic activities to the uniqueness of the Garifuna culture.

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