The Belize Barrier Reef from Outer Space!

Recently, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams made the talk of the town bringing Belize into the spotlight when he shared some of the most breathtaking photos of our beautiful Barrier Reef from outer space.


“Good Morning! Beautiful Belize coastal waters, where Central America meets the Caribbean Sea”


“Fantastic Belize Barrier Reefs, find your favorite region. Spotting coral reefs is a fun past time of mine”


"Belize and its extensive coral reefs"


The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest living barrier reef in the world stretching 190 miles long and home to a large assortment of plants and aquatic animals making it one of the most diverse ecosystem of the world.

The clear turquoise waters and the Belize Barrier Reef on the coastlines in his video post is truly amazing as you can see below!




The southern Barrier Reef offers several different sites perfect for snorkeling of all levels of expertise, from beginners to the more advanced snorkelers.



Belizean Dreams offers both snorkeling and diving tours to the Barrier Reef as well as South Water Caye Marine Reserve located just 35 minutes from the resort; where you can see and explore up close all the amazing sea creatures and corals that live below the Caribbean Sea. What’s great about snorkeling with Belizean Dreams is that you get an exclusive snorkeling tour that includes lunch on a private Island.



You too can explore the famous Belize Barrier Reef with Belizean Dreams by contacting us today. 

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