How to carry a kayak safely and enjoy the Sea in Belize!


The calm salty waters along the coast of Hopkins are teeming with aquatic life for you to enjoy, whether you skim across the sea in a kayak, or paddle out on a board and go snorkeling, you will enjoy many encounters with fish of all types and sizes, and even a few gulls, pelicans and the occasional Osprey!



With our new water toys now available to our guests we thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on lifting Kayaks and any large water craft safely! We want you to enjoy your vacation and not spend it nursing a sore back...



  1. Let us begin! Stand the kayak up on its stern or bow (they tend to be heavier on the stern end so it may be easier to put that end down) Simply lift with your knees, raise the bow off the sand, flip it upside down and walk it upright!
  2. Assume the position! Now that the kayak is standing and you are facing the inside, turn and place your right shoulder (or left if it is stronger) inside the "cockpit". Grab the thigh brace with the hand that is attached to the shoulder doing the lifting and steady it by holding the opposite rim with your other hand.
  3. Lift! Now take several steps forward and let the kayak fall forward slowly. Move the kayak onto your shoulder and guide it into place.
  4. Position it correctly! The Kayak should be on your shoulder now. Move it around until it feels comfortable there. You May want to add a pad to your shoulder to help with the weight.
  5. Balance is key! Keep the weight balanced while carrying your kayak. What ever you do, do not always carry it on one shoulder! Be sure to switch back and forth to even out the stress, you don't want to exercise one shoulder and arm more than the other... This will also help prevent injury to your back and arm.

Now get in the water and enjoy!



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