How to Stay Warm this Winter

Trying to stay warm this winter but don’t know how? Let us tell you four sure ways of achieving that goal. Read below:

Put on a Bikini
Yes, you read right! It’s time to put on that itsy-bitsy-polka-dot bikini you probably have stashed away and come to Belize where the weather is just perfect during those cold winter months. In Belize we have summer like weather all year round. Belize is subtropical with an annual temperature of 80°F. Winter storms in other countries nearby may bring the temperature down to the low 60s, which is basically still warm weather for you. So, put on a bright smile, take that perfect selfie and post online.  You’re sure to be the envy of all your friends!


Keep warm this winter at Belizean Dreams


Lay on the Beach 
We’d like to think there’s really nothing that the Caribbean sunshine can’t fix. The long stretch of beach directly in front of Belizean Dreams Resort makes the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun. The warm rays are sure to get you that honey tan you’ve been wanting. But safety first! Be sure to put on your suntan lotion. We recommend a sunscreen that is broad spectrum SPF 30 and above. 


Keep warm this winter at Belizean Dreams


Take a Dip in the Ocean
That’s crazy talk right? Well not for us! While getting into a pool in the winter time might not be possible in your area, our Caribbean Sea is always perfect for a swim, dive, or snorkel. After all, our water temperature averages between 79°and 83°F. We can guarantee that after a nice snorkel or a couple laps in the sea you are sure to feel warm. 


Belizean Dreams Resort


Sip a Cup of Something Warm
Very little in life can’t be improved with a warm drink. It helps to numb the pain when we’re ill, helps us to relax after a long day, and best of all, it helps to make us feel warm, after all a little warmth goes a long way. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a hot chocolate/tea type of person, who doesn’t like to cozy up with a delicious cold-weather beverage? The feel of warm liquid traveling down your throat and into your stomach is sure to get your body all warmed up. Now with the tropical Belize heat, you might think you’ll feel too hot with this type of treat, but that’s what the cool Caribbean nights and early morning breezes are for. It will surely create a nice balance while you sit, sip and enjoy. 


Keep warm this winter at Belizean Dreams



And that’s exactly how you’ll stay warm in the winter, BUT of course you first have to make that trip to Belize!  To get ready for the ultimate winter vacation, contact us today. Be sure to check out our enticing winter specials



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