Group Travel to Belize: Better Than a Family Trip For Lots of Reasons!

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Whether you’re a group travel veteran or just thinking of vacationing with friends, there's one thing you can count on: You'll never have more fun!

Sociologists agree that, “Friends are now our family of choice.” Ray Pahl, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, told “Independent” reporters that the changing nature of friendships has led to this phenomenon because, “Unlike our family, we choose our friends. They help us to define the sort of people we are, and they are 'there for us' when we need them.”

This dynamic has begun to dramatically impact the travel industry, say resort owners and staff at popular hot spots like Belizean Dreams Resort in Belize. Traveling as a group is the new normal but there are rules to keep in mind if it's to be a successful holiday.

Y'all need suitcases and ground rules


“Washington Post” travel reporter Shivani Vora has given traveling in a group an official name: Friendcation. Vora set forth fairly simple guidelines that can help everyone in your party prepare up front and get along brilliantly:

-Talk honestly about your expectations before everyone agrees to vacation together.
-Establish lines of communication while planning and during your time away.
-Sort money details early and get buy in from every group member.
-Decide upon sleeping arrangements before you leave.
-Stay flexible during your vacation. You never know when your plans might change for all the right reasons.
-Designate a trip mediator—just in case one is needed to help settle a disagreement.
-Don’t over plan. Stringent planning can put pressure on a group in need of relaxation.
-Ask friends if you can put their pix on social media outlets before you post!


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Eliminate the work; get all of the perks


At Belizean Dreams Resort, group vacations are planned down to a science, so you get all of the relaxation and rest you crave and fewer hassles. For example, groups of 10+ get substantive savings and free upgrades. Visit the Belizean Dreams Resort site to see what awaits your posse during your stay.

Rates are based on booking a 1-bedroom standard unit and you’ll be automatically upgraded to the 2-bedroom executive suite or three bedroom villa comprised of 2 or 3 independent bedrooms (standard, suite and premium suite). Thanks to open concept architectural design, every lodging is roomy, beautifully-appointed and upgrade fees are automatically waived.


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Everyone under one roof? It's possible


Snag a stand-alone villa to accommodate up to 8 people under one roof or book an assortment of suites that suits your crowd. As long as there are at least 10 vacationers in your party, you get the deal—and of course, all packages include 3 gourmet meals daily, local transport to and from the resort and an unlimited bar tab that includes local beer and mixed drinks.

You can add all the tours you like. That’s the beauty of having options: if only half of your group members want to scuba dive, the rest of you can hang by the pool and do nothing at all. Want more pointers on successful group travel? Check out our blog post.


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