Getting to Belize In 2020 is Easy and Fast

getting to belize


If you’re tired of planning vacations in lands so far away, half your time is spent coming and going, think seriously about neighboring Belize!

Are you willing to do anything to find sun as winter depletes your spirits and energy? Spend 8 hours, 32 minutes flying from Chicago to Honolulu or 10 hours, 11 minutes getting to Rio de Janeiro. But since there are no nonstop flights to Rio, your travel time will be 14 hours and you must plan ahead. The visa required to enter Brazil takes time to obtain and that visa only gives you 90 days in Rio per year!

Relax. You have Belize

How does a 3 hour, 54 minute flight from Chicago sound—or perhaps flight time of around 2 hours, 25 minutes to get to Belize from Houston? You can’t roast a turkey in that short amount of time! Dare we mention that Belize is so affordable for singles, couples, honeymooners, and groups that you come home with both a suntan and money in your wallet?

So many ways to get to Belize

All you need is a valid passport plus proof of onward travel and sufficient funds to obtain entry to Belize. Thought flying was your only option? While the number of airlines servicing Belize is astonishing and the international airport is centrally located, planes aren’t your only options.

  • In-country transport options include commuter flights, buses, shuttles, taxis car rentals, and bicycles!
  • Drive to Belize from Texas if road trips are your thing and you are up for the 1,400-mile road trip.
  • Regularly scheduled boats leave Guatemala and Honduras for Belize if you want to start your trip elsewhere.
  • Belize is so small, you can visit neighboring countries in just hours to expand the scope of your itinerary.


how to get to belize

The resort of your dreams

Belize is a surprisingly small nation that measures just 8,867 square miles, so if you’ve driven around the state of Vermont you understand how navigable Belize can be. Stay in Hopkins. It’s fast becoming a tourist mecca—not just because Hopkins was voted the Friendliest Village in Belize but because this quaint village is the nation’s #1 cultural destination with a fascinating history sure to intrigue you.

Choose one of the best all inclusive resorts in Belize for your stay that rivals those found Honolulu or Rio but costs far less: Belizean Dreams, located just outside Hopkins. This coastal paradise is privately-owned, small, manageable and luxurious, so no matter your goal—adventurer or beachcomber—this resort’s central location allows you to double down on your plans and do it all.

Welcome to paradise

Who doesn’t want to stay at a resort that strives to be all things to all guests—especially those whose overriding desire is to make sure every minute of their vacation is spent indulging themselves and their senses? Seasonal specials and Belize all inclusive packages add to the allure of a year-round Belizean Dreams vacation.

There’s a reason Belizean Dreams Resort was proclaimed TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2019 winner. It’s just the latest in a series of honors and awards showcasing this amazing destination, and you’re invited to spend your precious time finding out why!


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