Don’t let that summer getaway pass you by!

We’re sure you have caught yourself reminiscing on your childhood days of counting down your final school hours until that much anticipated moment– summer vacation! And hey, we don’t blame you because summer is always such a fun time. With warm weather and bright blue skies there’s plenty of time to do it all or do absolutely nothing at all!

Anyone who recalls summer vacation as a kid is bound to feel nostalgic for those carefree days of hiking, swimming and making new friends. The good news is that Belizean Dreams is able to offer you all that and more for the ultimate summer getaway with our Sun-Drenched Summer Special. Relive those summer memories as you vacation at our breathtaking Belize resort and receive as much as 30% off room only bookings & 10% off all inclusive packages!

Here are our Top Summer Moments:

Summer getaway


Summer getaway


Summer getaway


Summer getaway


Summer getaway

Our all inclusive adventure packages include tours to various parts of our wonderful country whether that be on land or sea. Take the Mayflower Hiking Tour to climb to the top of a breath-taking waterfall, enjoy a soothing swim in our warm Caribbean waters or take a much-deserved happy hour drink at our Tiki Beach Bar while socializing with new friends from all walks of life.

After hectic workdays, who wants to spend their summer holiday battling the crowds?  By visiting Belizean Dreams you get that personal time to linger in the calm Caribbean Sea, relax on a lounge chair, feel the sand between your toes, and just chill. Our tropical scenery and stunning landscape helps reinforce the resort's calming effect. As life gets hectic it’s so easy to let summertime come and go without taking that much needed vacation. But we encourage you to come try for yourself because everyone deserves a break to relax and rejuvenate.

Need more help deciding if Belizean Dreams Resort is the right fit for you? We’ve compiled a gorgeous list of scenic sights and insights from past Belizean Dreams travelers for your viewing pleasure. From the beach to the jungle, paradise is in the eye of the (seasoned) beholder. Their pictures for the prettiest places they’ve ever seen may surprise you!


Some spend their days just researching getaways in the dreamiest destinations around the world, while others actually travel and enjoy these vacation destinations. You decide. Which category are you in?

We say it’s time for you to indulge yourself in a summer vacation at our panoramic paradise, Belizean Dreams Resort. Our best rates of the summer run from July through September. We recommend contacting us directly to plan your summer vacation! We will work with you to customize your summer vacation and offer you the best possible booking rates.

Come join us and book your stay today!



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