Belize Waterfall Tour

While waterfalls are categorically defined as a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline, we’d like to say that these magnificent landscapes are a sheer geographic phenomenon.


Belize is so widely known for its lush rainforest and tropical islands that it's often forgotten, but we think it’s about time someone reminds the world that we are blessed to be called home to some of the tallest and most majestic waterfalls in all of Central America. With over 50 percent of our jewel covered by dense jungle and 80 percent of its rainforest remaining under protection, it’s no wonder that our amazing waterfalls are our jewel’s hidden secret. The good news is that Belize has the most accessible jungle in the Western Hemisphere, which means your visit to one of our many breath-taking and enchanting waterfalls are just a few miles away.


Belize Waterfall Tour


Actually, one of our most popular hiking trails leads to the majestic Bocawina Belize waterfall, located in southern Belize and just fifteen miles away from Belizean Dreams Resort. Its name is derived from its prehistoric location at the Mayflower Bocawina National Park - a 7100 acre tropical haven of untouched jungles, waterfalls, and Mayan sites – in fact, so untouched that most of the Mayan archaeological sites have yet to be excavated.


During this Belize Waterfall Tour, our friendly guides will lead you through the pristine jungle of Belize that is the productive and thriving habitat harboring over 4,000 species of tropical flowers and over 500 species of birds. You’re sure to encounter orchids, birds, and exotic animals as you get deeper into the lush rainforest. Simply prepare to please your sense of sight and sound, and get ready to be amused as this jungle hike isn’t your quintessential jungle hiking tour. Why’s that, you ask? Well, during this hike you will be walking over unexcavated ceremonial Mayan mounds with temples and ancient ball courts hidden beneath the overgrown jungle’s surface.


Before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination with the choice to take a well-deserved swim in a refreshing oasis which makes for the perfect selfies as the water from the fall cascades down the massive rock face, or for those in for a challenge can hike to the top of the 1,000ft Antelope fall giving you the opportunity to take in the expansive views over the jungle and out to the Caribbean Sea and allowing you to take your dip in a smaller fall that fills a beautiful emerald pool. This challenging hike is truly worth the effort. Don’t believe us? Try our Mayflower Belize Waterfall Hiking Tour for yourself! Contact us to start planning.




Note: This tour can be very challenging and all participants must be fit and agile. It is not recommended for those with knee and back related issues.

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