Belize Jungle Hiking Tours – Become One With Nature

Time to lace up your hiking shoes! With year-round balmy weather in Belize, you can enjoy hiking through the jungles at just about any time. Sound exciting? Well, it really is as Belize has one of the world’s most accessible and pristine jungles.


belize jungle hike


At Belizean Dreams All Inclusive Resort we allow you the opportunity to explore two amazing Belize jungle hiking tours — the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve Tour and Mayflower Waterfall Hiking Tour. Both of these national reserves are less than an hour drive from Belizean Dreams Resort and as an added bonus, at the end of each hiking trip you’ll be rewarded with a refreshing dip in natural freshwater pool or flowing waterfall.


Known around the world for having the world’s largest density of jaguars as well as several other cat species, the vast 155 square mile Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve was established in the heart of southern Belize to protect the local jaguar population as well as other exotic animal and plant species. Upon entering this remarkable site, the rich Mayan culture is prominently displayed with hand crafted artisan souvenirs. Various artwork made by the hands of indigenous Maya living in the area include slate plaques, baskets, clothing, and jewelry all of which are the perfect gift for your family and friends back home.


After a bit of shopping, our skilled guide will lead you on a hike through several trails that cover 120,000 acres of protected land. While jaguars are nocturnal creatures, there will be much to see as this is also the habitat of the jaguarundis, margays, ocelots, pumas, deer, howler monkeys, and tapirs. Trust us, this will be a fascinating and educational hike through the tropical rainforest sanctuary. Don’t believe us? Wait until you get to Ben’s Bluff where you’ll see spectacular views of the entire basin. After your day’s adventure you can jump in the cool river for your refreshing reward. This specialty tour can be added to any package, simply contact us for more details.


cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary


belize jungle hike


With 7,100 acres of untouched jungles, waterfalls, and Mayan sites the Mayflower Bocawina National Park is a hiker’s haven. Start your hike into this magical and mysterious land by walking over excavated ceremonial Mayan mounds. The history of what’s hidden below the very surface of your hiking path is quite fascinating. Go ahead and ask our knowledgeable guide who will effortlessly point out the location of Mayan temples and ancient ball courts that archaeologists have yet to uncover. Here, you’ll discover why Belize is often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.”


mayflower bocawina


As you trek deeper into the park, listen to the call of exotic birds and animals; be prepared to spot beautiful orchids. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at the breathtakingly beautiful Mayflower waterfall. Pause a moment to inhale clean fresh air while appreciating the beauty of this oasis before you. Time to capture the moment with photos to share with your family and friends of this picturesque view. For the daring few, challenge yourself to hike atop the 1000 ft. Antelope Falls. The expansive view of the Belize jungle and the Caribbean Sea is truly worth the extra effort. As a reward for your hard work, soak in the beautiful emerald pool of the smaller fall. The other hikers will enjoy a swim in the bottom pool while watching as the water perfectly cascades down the massive rock face. This unforgettable Mayflower Bocawina Waterfall Tour is included in many of our Belize all inclusive vacation packages.


So, send us an email for more details, and we’ll get you hiking with one of our Belize Jungle Tours in no time. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, camera, binoculars and swimsuits, you’re about to start off on the best hike of your life.

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