10 Irrefutable Reasons to Visit Belize Immediately

10 Irrefutable Reasons to Visit Belize Immediately

Belize is the darling of the travel industry thanks to myriad awards, editorial profiles and consumer reviews that are so glowing, you wouldn’t believe how many people visit and decide to stay. That’s why we feel obligated to get you here. Soon. And for all the right reasons. 

Reason #1You want to be surrounded by sun, sand and surf, but you don’t want to spend your vacation translating what people say to you. English is Belize’s first language. Chat non-stop with everyone you meet. 

Reason #2If you worry that past vacations were spent driving from place to place rather than experiencing the destinations themselves, that ends in Belize. It’s the size of Vermont. You can see everything in short order. 

Reason #3You could meet pirates. It’s true. Bring your imagination and cultivate your inner anthropologist by interacting with people from so many cultures, only the United Nations has more diversity. 

Reason #4: You live to eat rather than eating to live. Food choices run the gamut from 5-star Michelin-rated restaurants to street cart emporiums serving savory delights. Douse everything with Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce and you’ll fit right in. 

Reason #5Airline fare and accommodation bargains are everywhere. This undermines arguments your cheap side has with your practical side. You can afford Belize. Leave right after you lecture your cheap side about quality of life. 

Reason #6: Scientists say that gazing upon blue waters lowers blood pressure. Bring your high blood pressure numbers to Belize’s turquoise waters and prove this theory while relaxing in the sun. 

Reason #7: There’s always a party going on somewhere in Belize. Pageants, religious festivals, parades and celebrations are ongoing. This nation knows how to have a good time. 

Reason #8Rumor has it Americans are migrating to Belize in dramatic numbers. Come talk to some of them to find out why this is happening. You can think about putting your home on the market on the flight home. 

Reason #9: You have it on good authority that the village of Hopkins was just named the nation’s #1 Cultural Destination because this small area is bursting with friendly people and enough cultural diversity to satisfy the curiosity of visitors from all walks of life. Come down and nose around. Hopkins won’t disappoint. 

Reason #10Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins has amazing, affordable all-inclusive packages designed exclusively for families, adventurers and honeymooners. Make it your 2019 mission to see what everyone’s talking about: https://www.belizeandreams.com/belize-all-inclusive-couples-packages.

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