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Annual Belize Lobster Fest

Each year, Belize welcomes the lobster season with parties, events, and festivals, drawing crowds from around the world. If you have yet to see what all the excitement is about, make 2020 your year of the lobster!

Do Not Miss Lobster Fest

Belizean Dreams Resort staffers love a good party as much as they love their guests. So, when the annual lobster catch becomes headline news every year, what better excuse to promote community, great food, and tradition than by throwing the resort’s signature Lobster Fest?

This annual event began popping up on Belize calendars back in 1998. It’s gone from the occasional feast to a month-long celebration, which is why Belizean Dreams Resort’s interpretation of this holiday always surpasses the expectations of guests who are already predisposed to love this posh property.

Why lobsters?
How important is lobster fishing to Belize? It harkens back quite far, Maya people were the first to catch and serve these crustaceans thousands of years ago. Over the centuries, this shellfish went from being the lowest form of marine life in the sea to the star of the ocean, becoming one of the nation’s top exports.

According to government statistics, by 2015, around 484,891 pounds of lobster had been sold in a single year, bringing in revenues estimated at BZ15,270,000. That’s a lot of shellfish! Lobster Fest attendees are lucky recipients of this economic evolution.

The skinny on Lobster Fest
Dates for Belizean Dreams’ extended party are on select Fridays during July & August. Make your flight arrangements accordingly so you’re on hand for all of the festivities. And while you’re invited to eat as much lobster as you can consume, take advantage of a long list of activities designed to keep you busy in-between meals.

What’s the best way to celebrate Lobster Fest? Book a Belizean Dreams Resort package. These all inclusive deals include gorgeous accommodations, meals and select tours. Plus with the added festivities of Lobster Fest you’ll get slices of Belizean life, like dancing, singing and playing lobster themed games.

It’s the season to save money, too
If you tend to get excited at the thought of saving money, you’ll be delighted to know that lower rates at Belizean Dreams are usually in effect when Lobster Fest rolls around. So, you not only get the chance to indulge in the priciest seafood on the world market, but you save money by coming at this time, too.

Belize Annual Lobster Fest

Sound like an awesome party at a property giving you access to water sports, beach parties, entertainment? This annual celebration has been described as “gastronomic debauchery,” so how can you say no? Book your Belizean Dreams accommodations with our Reservation Team. We promise to put your name on as many lobsters as you plan to consume during your stay!

Annual Belize Lobster Fest
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