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Cave tubing and canopy zip lining

Belize Tours - ZipliningExperience exhilaration and feel at one with nature on an exciting zip line and cave tubing adventure!  The zip line tour is a first class high adventure trip for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers in the heart of the Belizean wilderness.

The tour involves traversing from tree platform to tree platform, 80’ above the forest floor dangling from only a steel cable. There are 5 sections ranging from 105 - 500 feet of flying!

Upon arrival you will be given a safety briefing and then outfitted in the safety equipment consisting of a body harness, helmet and gloves. You will take a short jungle hike to the first platform, before heading into the jungle canopy to start this wild adventure. 

After your zip line adventure, the cave tubing begins! With inner tube and headlamps in hand, you begin the one mile walk along a lush, tropical trail, which passes through a shallow portion of the river and two walk- through caves, before reaching a stunning lagoon surrounded by steep limestone walls. The moment you enter the cool waters, the mystery of "Xibalba” (pronounced “Shee-bal-ba”) the underworld of the Maya takes hold. Float along the darkness, gently pushed by a current and led by your guide, into two large chambers, both impressive sanctuaries used by the Maya for sacrificial rituals. Plunge into darkness if you are brave enough to turn off your headlights, and listen to the sounds of the cascading waterfalls and bubbling rapids.  
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Timetable: This tour is a part of our inclusive packages and can be booked on Mondays
Duration:   Approximately 8 hours (Full Day)
Difficulty:  Moderate
Departure: 8:00 am
Remember to bring:  bug repellent, hiking boots or tennis shoe, hat, long pants, camera, binocular.

Snorkeling & Island Hopping

Belize is well known for having the second largest living barrier reef in the world, approximately 185 miles of coral formations with a large variety of marine life. The Southern Barrier Reef offers several different snorkeling sites, for both beginners and experienced snorkelers, in a pristine environment. With visibility ranging from 60 to 100ft, snorkelers often have close encounters with eagle rays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of exotic fish, and even dolphins! 

The majority of our snorkeling takes place in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve located approximately 35mins from Belizean Dreams. Experience the cayes and barrier reef, where your guide will make several stops along the way, enabling you the opportunity to snorkel in warm, crystal clear waters filled with a multitude of marine organisms.

Typically, there will be an hour of dining at Coco Plum Island Resort located on Coco Plum Caye.
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Timetable: This tour is a part of our inclusive packages and can be booked on Tuesdays & Fridays
Departure Time: 9:00 a.m. 
Return Time: 3:00 –4:00 p.m.
What to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, exposure protection like long-sleeve shirt & long  pants, camera, power bars.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin Tour

With a 3-hour drive up to Cayo, Belize’s most western district, you will first travel on the Hummingbird Highway, which is considered to be the most scenic drive in Belize. You will pass many small villages as well as the nation’s capital, Belmopan. The Western Highway then takes you through the bustling market town of San Ignacio, which sits on the banks of the Macal River. The journey continues west, where you will cross the Mopan River in a hand cranked ferry to access the large Mayan archaeological site known as Xunantunich (pronounced shu-nan-tu-nitch), or Stone Maiden.This fascinating ruin has several plazas and a large selection of classic period structures. It is a major ceremonial center situated high on a limestone ridge. Those ambitious enough to hike to the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure on the site, will be rewarded with panoramic views of both Belize and Guatemala.
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Timetable: This tour is a part of our inclusive packages and can be booked on Wednesdays
Duration:   Full day (approx. 8 hours)
Difficulty:   Moderate 
Departure: 8:00 AM 
Remember to bring: Bug repellent, hat, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes and water bottles.

Mayflower waterfalls Hiking tour 

Belize Tours - Blue HoleHead towards the Maya Mountains where orange groves will lead you to banana plantations, then on to dense tropical rain forests. Once at your destination, your guide will lead you briefly through the un-excavated Mayan ruins site, which has several ceremonial mounds as well as an ancient ball court. Archaeologists are still excavating and  piecing together the history of this modest Mayan ruin, which is over grown by the jungle. After the ruins, we will traverse to Silk Grass Creek and venture into the jungle. Orchids, birds and lush vegetation abound!

The hike to Antelope Falls is truly worth the effort. The falls are about 1,000 feet high and cascade down a massive rock face. A steep trail leads to the top of the falls where the views over the jungle and out to the sea are truly breathtaking. A short distance from this point you will find a smaller waterfall with a beautiful pool, ideal for swimming.
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Timetable: This tour is a part of our inclusive packages and can be booked on Thursdays
Duration:   Approximately 4-5 hours
Difficulty:   Moderate (Antelope Fall) to Difficult (to pool)  
Departure:  8:00 a.m.
Remember to bring: Bug repellent, hat, long pants, swimsuit, towel, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes and a spirit of adventure.

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