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Belize Mayan Ruin Tours
Belize Mayan Ruin Tours

The Maya are probably the best-known of the classical civilizations of Meso-America. Originating in the Yucatan around 2600 B.C., they rose to prominence around A.D. 250.

Building on the inherited inventions and ideas of earlier civilizations such as the Olmec, the Mayans were famous for building elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architectures, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories.

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin Tour Belize with Belizean Dreams Beach Resort in Hopkins

Xunantunich Mayan Ruin Tour

Celebrities, like Tamera Mowry (Sister Sister), have visited this archaeological site. This is your opportunity to visit, climb and explore one of Belize's most popular Mayan Ruins...

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With a 3 hour drive up to Cayo, Belize's most western district, you will first travel on the Hummingbird Highway which is considered to be the most scenic drive in Belize. You will pass many small villages, as well as the nation's capital, Belmopan.

The Western Highway then takes you through the bustling market town of San Ignacio, which sits on the banks of the Macal River. The journey continues west where you will cross the Mopan River in a hand cranked ferry to access the large Mayan archaeological site known as Xunantunich (pronounced shu-nan-tu-nitch) or Stone Maiden.

This fascinating ruin has several plazas and a large selection of classic period structures. It is a major ceremonial center situated high on a limestone ridge. Those ambitious enough to hike to the top of El Castillo, the tallest structure on the site, will be rewarded with panoramic views of both Belize and Guatemala.

  • Timetable: This tour is a part of our All Inclusive Mayan & Honeymoon packages and can be booked on Wednesdays.
  • Duration: Full day (approx. 8 hours)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Departure: 8:00 AM
  • Remember to bring: Bug repellent, hat, camera, binoculars, sturdy hiking shoes and water bottles.

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Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun Mayan ruins Southern Belize Tour with Belizean Dreams Beach Resort in Hopkins

Southern Belize Tour - Lubaantun & Nim Li Punit Mayan Ruins

Take a tour of southern Belize where the people are sweet and the tours keep you on your feet while exploring ancient Mayan Temples...

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Join us as we venture further south to Toledo, Belize’s most southern district. Our first stop will be at the Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden that was created 20 years ago. Here we will take a one hour guided tour, getting to see the country’s largest vanilla and black pepper farms as well as teak, mahogany (the national tree), rosewood and sandalwood trees.

After we leave the spice farm, we continue further south to the Mayan Archaeological site, Nim Li Punit.  This site is well known for the amount of stele found there. In Kekchi Maya, Nim Li Punit translates to “The Big Hat”. It was named for the longest stele depicting a figure wearing a large headdress. Nim Li Punit is located at the foothills of the Maya Mountains within the drainage basin of the Rio Grande. Many beautiful vistas can be seen from here.  

Before visiting Lubaantun, the largest Mayan Archaeological site in southern Belize, we stop in Big Falls Village for a delicious lunch.  Lubaantun is known for its unusual style of construction; no visible mortar binds the limestone blocks together!  It is    believed that the strength of each structure lies in every hand-cut stone, which demanded precise measurements and shapes to fit snugly to its neighboring block.  

Join us on this tour to learn about the Mayan culture and civilization as well as to experience the aromatic tour of the spice farm.   

  • Timetable:   By Request
  • Duration:     6 hours
  • Difficulty:    Moderate  
  • Departure:   8:00a.m

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Belize Mayan Ruin Tours

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