Southern Barrier Reef Tour

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Our Belize Snorkeling Tour is part of the all inclusive Mayan Jungle & Beach Vista Package as well as our Honeymoon/Romance Package.

TIMETABLE: Tuesday’s and Friday’s
RETURN TIME: 3:00 (Approximately)
TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes
INCLUDED: snorkeling gear, boat transportation, packed lunch, and taxes & fees
WHAT TO BRING: swim wear, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, exposure protection like long-sleeved shirts and pants, camera, Dramamine, power/granola bars, towel, and an extra change of clothes

Tour Rates
US$180.00 per person (2 persons minimum)
I dive with my family. This the best I have done. Whale sharks, unbelievable. Sting Rays that hunt, huge nurse sharks, great corral. There are lots of cool dives. - TripAdvisor user

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