Kelsey Vanderhorst of KV BIJOU Visits Belizean Dreams

Canadian jewelry designer Kelsey Vanderhorst, recently visited Belizean Dreams for a week on her Travel Belize Tour, leaving us with fond memories of her stay.



Kelsey Vanderhorst is the owner of KV BIJOU. Her jewelry collection is as unique as the name of her company KV BIJOU – a combination of her initials KV and the French word for jewel, a small, exquisite trinket bijou. Kelsey's gift for design shines through her collections which are focused around semi-precious gemstones set in sterling silver with the highest possible craftsmanship. Through her innovation, dedication and passion, Kelsey has created an outstanding worldwide reputation for KV BIJOU. Her talent for design and marketing has set KV BIJOU apart while trailblazing and inspiring women around the globe.




In her latest blog Kelsey talks about her experience in Hopkins and in particular her staying with us at Belizean Dreams. “Our week at Belizean Dreams was honestly one of the best weeks of my life.” Says Kelsey… click here to read more of her blog.




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