Put These 5 UnBelizeable Activities on Your Must-Do List!

Put These 5 UnBelizeable Activities on Your Must-Do List!

Tourism professionals are big talkers. It’s easy to see why. With so many different things to do (even in a small nation like Belize), these folks get carried away. So, when we asked a panel of professionals to list 5 activities they recommend most often, would you believe their list totaled 40? Sigh. Having room for just 5, we sat them down with Belikins until they could reach consensus. And you thought your job was hard!

UnBeliezeable activity #1Climb an ancient Maya Pyramid. Why did this activity land in our first position? Because with a single visit to a ruin, visitors use their imaginations, exercise their legs and learn about a culture that remains in the hearts and minds of people fascinated with this exotic, primitive society.

UnBeliezable activity #2Make a pilgrimage to Belize’s Great Barrier Reef. This World Heritage site is known throughout the globe as one of the planet’s most complex, valuable and fascinating underwater treasures. Even if the coral doesn’t thrill you, the marine wildlife will. The creatures who hang out along the Barrier Reef love visitors.

UnBeliezable activity #3Hike Belize jungles and rainforests. Find yourself in a tropical Eden filled with trees, flowering, and medicinal plants. Meet a variety of animals guaranteed to capture your imagination and possibly win your heart—especially the entertaining monkey species that reside in Belize jungles.

UnBeliezable activity #4Take a birding tour. Bring a camera. Bring binoculars. Importantly, get your talons on a copy of the second edition of “The Sibley Guide to Birds”. You’re going to need this definitive authority to identify species that hang out in Belize.

UnBeliezable activity #5Unwind in luxury accommodations or on the beach at Belizean Dreams Resort where pampering guests has been elevated to an art form. Why save this activity for last? Because after you’ve run around indulging your inner adventurer, Hopkins Village’s popular laid-back resort is the ideal way to relax.

Frequent guests to our property say that Belizean Dreams Resort is so idyllic, intimate and lush, photos of the beach and environs don’t do it justice. We’ll even pick you up from the airport if you arrange transport with our staff. Isn’t 2019 the year you discover how UnBeliezable this dynamic corner of the world has become?