How to Find the Best Flight Options to Belize

The Best Flight Options To Belize

Despite being a small nation, Belize has become a tourist mecca thanks to natural wonders, an English-speaking populace, and a wealth of cultural diversity. So, when flight suspensions impacted Belize’s international airport at the height of the COVID epidemic, the government and tourism industry responded so brilliantly, Belize survived by implementing world-class, stringent health and safety standards.

When Belize finally reopened on October 1, 2020, all due credit went to the government and the tourism industry for launching a 9-phase program that kept COVID numbers low, as first non-stop flights on American, United, and Delta Airlines began to return. Other carriers followed suit and recovery has been so successful, there are deals to be had!

How to sleuth out the best deals

Your first move is to adopt a laissez faire attitude when picking travel dates. If you can control this aspect of your transport, you’re on your way to a terrific ticket price. Having selected several dates, your next move is visiting websites hosted by aggregators, companies in the business of securing seats released by airlines. Some of the most well-respected are Google Flights, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, JustFly, Travelocity, and Skyscanner.

Find Belize bookings on these websites that represent the airlines you prefer: American, United, Alaska, Delta, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines. If you prefer one over another, browse all of the aforementioned discount websites to search for differences by date, price, and direct/non-direct service. You’ll find the right combination by doing your homework.

More clever ways to find the best flight options

According to U.S. News and World Report, you can enhance your chances of scoring big by adopting these tips:

  • Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. There’s less demand for tickets on these days and Tuesday afternoon departures tend to be the cheapest of all.
  • Travel very early or late in the day. Book an early bird flight at an hour that most people prefer to stay in bed and there’s also less chance of departure delays.
  • Some frequent flyers swear that booking two one-way flights rather than a round trip saves them money. Ditto flights with layovers.
  • Register for consumer newsletters and keep up with social media associated with airlines you prefer. You could be privy to inside info on flights.
  • If two airports are near your home, check both. One may offer more convenient flight times.

Where to stay after you’ve found your flight schedule

Best Flight Options To Belize

Having done a super job of finding your best flight option, you deserve a resort that is equally accommodating, an attribution that Belizean Dreams Resort owns according to frequent guests and travel rating authorities. From fabulous Belize all inclusive packages to the extras you crave, Belizean Dreams is the answer to the stress and frenetic pace that you long to leave behind.

Resort amenities include lush tropical grounds, spacious lodgings, award-winning meals, a refreshing infinity pool, and proximity to Hopkins, a town filled with cultural delights, shopping and more. Perfect flight. Perfect surroundings. Does it get any better? You know the answer, intrepid traveler. Enjoy every moment of your well-deserved escape!

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