Why a Belize Beach Vacation is Good for You

Why a Belize Beach Vacation is Good for You

If you’re a regular reader of the popular business magazine “Inc,” you know that the print and online editions are filled with articles about how to enhance one’s business acumen, grow a successful career and excel in the workplace. 

But something surprising popped up on those pages a short while ago that took readers by surprise: An article about how spending time on the beach not only helps people look healthier but scientists have proven that beach time heals stressed-out brains, too. 

Add Years to Your Life at Belize’s Best Beaches

If this news is music to your ears because your life feels like you drive on the Autobahn 24/7, keep reading. Once you’re done, book a plane ticket to Belize. Head for Hopkins Village where you will find some of the finest beaches in the nation in addition to Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve nearby.

Explore your inner Jacques Cousteau by getting your fill of scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, and fishing—all of which give you access to Belize’s Barrier Reef. Meet the friendliest locals in the nation and sample the pairing of the Caribbean and African cuisines in the Garifuna tradition.

Garifuna people and food are heavenly, but a complete experience wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t indulge yourself in this culture’s music and learning how to drum could be one of the most expressive activities you undertake—in fact, you may learn that you’ve got more rhythm than you ever imagined.

A Belize Beach Vacation Is Good For You

Whether you schedule beach time in short spurts, long stretches or fun in the sun on some of Belize’s most breathtaking sugar-white sand, you’re going to get the equivalent of therapeutic relaxation sessions just by hanging out. Book a stay at Belizean Dreams Resort and you’re going to enjoy the following benefits:

-Attune your ears to the crashing surf, repetitive sounds akin to rhythmic whispers, “Don’t worry, don’t worry” over and over again. Wave sounds trigger meditative states say scientists at Pennsylvania State University and plenty of stressed out business executives have proven it. 

-Global Healing Center researchers have proven that overwrought people who stare at blue oceans can change their brain waves and eliminate cares and stress. Even the smell of the sea fills lungs with salty, misty air charged with negative ions that can calm the mind instantaneously. 

-Feeling sand between your toes delivers a stimulating foot massage that relieves nerve tension. Sand grains act like acupressure treatments; you’ll feel more energy simply by walking barefoot on a beach.

Of course, living close to the sea is the next best thing to visiting, so if you find that you can’t get enough beach time in the Hopkins area, you can always give up your stressful job, retire as young as 45 and begin a carefree life in Belize where the waves, sand, and air are at your disposal 24 hours a day. 

Belizean Dreams is happy to welcome you back as often as you like to get more beach time while you’re mulling what life would be like if you had a beach to call your own every day for the rest of your life!

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