8 Reasons To Spend Your Next Vacation In Belize

8 Reasons To Spend Your Next Vacation In Belize

Having come through the first half of 2020 in a relatively sane frame of mind, you likely don’t need a reason to crave a vacation, but we’ve come up with 8 of them to lure you to Belize. Each reason is so compelling, you’re going to want to scour your vacation clothing to see how many swimsuits you own once you finish reading this.

Belize is not just geographically close, but since English spoken throughout the land, you can make fun of friends muddling through foreign language apps to learn Spanish before they head to more expensive neighboring nations. They are going to envy you once you return and compare notes!

Reason #1: You can kiss lousy weather goodbye. In Belize, year-round warm weather greets tourists. Even if a shower bathes jungles and forests from time-to-time, that downpour usually disappears as fast as it began.

Reason #2: Belize beaches are heaven on Earth. Every one of them. That’s why travelers and travel writers wax poetic about sugar-white sands, tranquil waves and pristine shorelines so frequently. And you wondered why we mentioned swimsuits twice!

Reason #3: Families adore Belize. Fussy kids have no time to act out enroute because flights take as few as two hours to reach the Belize International Airport. Once you arrive, your kids will adore you for taking them on wildlife excursions, into mysterious caves and on fun jungle adventures and river tubing trips.

Reason #4: Belize has become the romance capital of Central America because it is home to resorts like Belizean Dreams in Hopkins. One glance at this Belize all inclusive package and you’ll understand why couples return to Belizean Dreams over and over again.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Reason #5: History buffs can’t get enough of Belize and Belize is known for turning visitors into history buffs! Your stay will likely be too short to get to all 900 Mayan ruins located throughout the land. Some are magnificent cities. Others are underground caves used for sacrificial rituals. You couldn’t get bored if you tried.

Reason #6: You’ll fall in love with the cultural scene. From food and music to browsing quaint towns like Hopkins, foodies rave about Belizean cuisine, an amalgam of other food traditions now re-interpreted by Belizean culinary masters. Cashew wine? Rice and Beans Caribbean style? You did know that Belize’s agricultural wealth includes beans that make the tastiest chocolates, right?

Reason #7: Every aquatic sport you wish to pursue can be found in Belize. Swim, fish, dive, snorkel, kayak, sail, canoe or try your hand at piloting a Hobie cat. No need to waste a moment of time figuring out how to schedule all of these activities because your Belizean Dreams host has you covered from tours to resort equipment.

Reason #8: One session of Belizean Dreams spa services may be all it takes for you to realize why so many vacationers purchase second homes in Belize! Services are so diverse, you won’t know which to try first, which is why very few Belizean Dreams guests stop at just one.

Whether you want to travel in fall or in 2021, there are Belize travel deals to be had that offer discounts you can’t ignore. It’s easy to fall in love with Belize. Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out why?

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