Romance, Adventure and Belize Vacation Savings? Find All Three in Hopkins, Belize

Hopkins Belize Romance

Are romance and adventure incompatible? Not according to romance writers who swear that the two not only belong together but heighten the experiences of people who can’t get enough of both. This pairing isn’t confined to the world of novels and romance stories; it’s also a perfect mix for folks who travel. Who wouldn’t want to trek a wildlife-filled jungle by day and indulge in an assortment of wild activities by night?

Where to get your fill of romance and adventure? In Hopkins, Belize where the variety of attractions, sites, and experiences is delightful – minus annoying crowds visiting Belize for the party scene. This quiet beach town is filled with delights, including cultural enticements generated by the local Garifuna community, not to mention natural wonders found only within this region.

Where to get your fill of romance and adventure

Belizean Dreams Resort is located in Hopkins and it was designed with travelers who crave both in mind. One peek at the villas, suites, and boutique rooms from which guests can choose is all it takes to see exactly why lovers return to these clean and comfy digs. From canopy beds to roomy seating areas, furnishings reflecting Belize’s textiles, hardwoods, and exotic artworks, each suite is sprinkled with tropical touches.

What’s the best way to get everything you want from your romance/adventure stay without having to take out your wallet every hour? Choose from Belizean Dreams’ Belize all inclusive packages, each one targeted to deliver specific experiences. Focus on your favorite aquatic sport, Maya ruins, and jungles, or go all-in on the Honeymoon and Romance package.

Bliss and Birds? Get plenty of both

When Belizean Dreams owners set about naming the resort’s spa there was no question but that they would settle on Bliss Salon and Spa. The word perfectly describes what guests find when they show up to be pampered. Some guests arrive so stressed out, it’s their first request. Others, filling their itineraries with non-stop excitement, find at the spa a refuge of peace.

If you belong to the second group, it’s no wonder you crave massages! Specialized tours keep guests on the go from morning to night. Dive, snorkel, fish, hike jungles, ride horses and go birding. For the fearless, zip-lining, rappelling into caves or at the site of waterfalls satisfies every daredevil. Alternately, choosing activities that introduce you to Belize’s big cats, Howler monkeys and manatee may be all the stimulation you need!

Hopkins Belize Romance

Romance, adventure, and savings?

It’s true. Everything described here can also include additional savings over and above what you save when you book a package. Plan your sojourn for the month of May. If the resort isn’t fully booked when you inquire, get low season rates during the high season. Another special can save you up to $500 if you come to Belizean Dreams before May.

Is it possible for one resort to be all things to all guests? You know the answer. Whether you come for the adventure, the romance, or the savings, find all three at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins – another name for paradise.

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