Planning a Belize Vacation? It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Planning a Belize Vacation? It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

When vacation time rolls around, are you sick and tired of reading articles that list 10 things you must do before you even get to the airport? Obviously, people writing these stories never take vacations because who wants to accomplish 10 tasks to prepare for what’s supposed to be a relaxing escape?

We’ve got just three. You can add more if you like, but if you are desperate to escape a world that is slowly driving you mad, adopt these instead:

  1. Assess your financial condition and choose a vacation spot that allows you to get more for your money than anywhere else on the Caribbean rim: Belize. Where in Belize? Budget-happy travelers recommend Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village, Southern Belize where affordable rates, access to the entire nation and enough luxury to make you feel as though you belonged to the rich and famous class await. Take a look at the Belizean Dreams Resort website. Convinced?

  2. Select a flight. Belize is the darling of the airline industry so you’ll find plenty of carriers from which to choose that will still leave you enough money in your wallet to vacation in style. Flights are just a couple of hours long and whether you insist on using one airline because you’re collecting miles or you like the time of day another carrier leaves for Belize, book and check this off your short list.

  3. Make ground arrangements. Having already selected Belizean Dreams as your destination, you can cross ground transport off your list because resort staff will handle it for you. They’ll retrieve you and your luggage when you arrive and get you back to the airport in time to make sure you don’t miss your return flight home.

Belize Fishing

Why stop at three? Because when you choose Belizean Dreams, everything you want to see, do, taste and explore is just a request away. The resort’s onsite restaurant offers open air dining, fabulous ethnic fare, and so many tour options, guests have complained that the hammock time they promised themselves never materialized.

Ride a horse. Dive the Belize Barrier Reef. Fish. Hike. Go birding. How to make all of this happen? Inform resort staff, peruse the tour menu and you’re good to go. Or let everyone else go crazy on your behalf because all you want to do is turn into a beach sculpture willing to get up for The Big 3: Meals, massages, and margaritas.

If you’re a by-the-book traveler, don’t leave home without travel insurance, but otherwise, there’s only one thing left to accomplish that we can’t do it for you: Pack. Feel free to arrive with a backpack filled with shorts, tees, and toiletries. We recommend using the money you saved by coming to Belize to buy t-shirts for yourself and everyone back home. Oh, and stop reading those 10-steps articles when 3 will do!