Packing Tips for The Perfect Vacay!

Packing Tips for The Perfect Vacay!

Thinking of what to pack for any getaway is always mind-boggling. The truth is, we know there’s an art to packing properly, and we’re here to help you pack with ease for your trip to Belizean Dreams Resort. 

Based on feedback from our many guests, we’ve just about perfected the art of packing. We would like to share our tips to ensure that you have a seamless travel experience! 

  • Pack light to travel light:
    If you can manage with just a carry-on, do it! If you don’t focus on taking the non-essentials, then you can concentrate on taking extra money to make buying a few new items a fun part of your Belize adventure. Leave the blow dryers, beach towels, and stilettos – and just bring your swimsuit and flip flops!

  • Pack to add comfort to your travel:
    A sleep mask, and a light jacket or cardigan can come in quite handy on a plane, or even during your stay with us. Earplugs are also a great addition for those noisy plane rides. Also, take snacks for your flight to Belize. This can save you from the costly airline snacks. 

  • Pack to maximize use of the space in your suitcase:
    By rolling your clothes, instead of folding them and stuffing your socks, underwear, and accessories inside of your shoes, then no space will be left unused. If you have vacuum pack bags, these can be space savers or simply use Ziploc bags to hold your accessories and toiletries. 

  • Pack smartly by sharing your packing space:
    If you’re traveling as a couple or family, be sure to split your clothes between your suitcases. This way on the off chance that someone’s suitcase gets lost during the flight, then they still have a change of clothes in someone else’s luggage. Also, if you’re visiting more than one resort during your trip, packing cubes or compartmentalizing for each leg of your journey will keep your suitcase organized and save you from having to pack and unpack between stops. 

Belize is a laidback country with a very casual lifestyle. Belizean Dreams Resort is barefoot luxury at its best! Want a complete listing of items we suggest for you to bring on your vacation?

Then check out our Belizean Dreams Resort FAQWhat should I pack? If you have any questions, please be sure to Contact Us!

An extra bonus tip: 
  • Make photocopies:
    If you’re traveling out of the country, it’s smart to make two photocopies of your passport. Keep one copy at home for safety and the other with your travel partner or in your pockets in case for some reason you misplace your passport. Also, use your smartphone to take pictures of your luggage and its contents in case it gets lost.

“Be sure to pack different variations of SPF sunscreen & aloe vera … it is a beach vacation after all!”