Explore Lubantuum – A Stunning Maya Site In Southern Belize


For travelers who strive to become as immersed in the culture as possible while visiting Mesoamerica, there’s lots of agreement on one topic: mastering the Mayan language is a challenge. While experts in linguistics insist that there are similarities between Mayan and Spanish, others insist Mayan sounds more English!

This debate usually ends when all parties agree that it’s not necessary to have perfect pronunciation when going about a country rich in Maya landmarks like Belize. Even if you’re not exactly articulate when asking for directions to Lubantuum, you’ll be understood since this is one of the most stunning ruins in Southern Belize.

About Lubantuum

According to Belize’s Institute of Archaeology, Lubantuum is a vast Late Classic ceremonial center that sprawls across 40 acres of jungle and represents a Mayan architectural style that’s found only in Southern Belize. Visit the compound and prepare to be impressed: It’s filled with large pyramids and architectural marvels built of large black slate stone blocks by workers so adroit at construction, no mortar was needed to build walls.

Given this level of foundation mastery, you may find it surprising to learn that structures atop the pyramids were made of perishable materials, thus the English translation for Lubantuum is the appropriately-named “Place of Falling Stones.”

No worries about stones falling on you if you put this impressive Maya city atop your Belize itinerary because you’ll be rewarded the moment you see the handiwork of early 19th century archaeologists who unearthed this complex between 1915 and 1927. These scholars found pottery figures, three carved ball courts, and megalithic terraces. Importantly, Lubantuum was the site of Anna Mitchell-Hodges’ crystal skull discovery.

Lubantuum Maya Site in Belize

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