I Want a Belize Beach Vacation. Where Should I Go?

I Want a Belize Beach Vacation. Where Should I Go?

What a dilemma! Deciding on beaches in Belize is no easy task. The reason? Too many choices. Is your dream beach so desolated, you could run around in your birthday suit without encountering a soul? Do you prefer a languid beach that edges a lagoon so you don’t have to deal with ocean waves? How about a beach on an island for a true escape?

We’ve got suggestions, but before we make them, you need a place to stay that gives you close access to all of the beaches on this list and more. The ideally situated Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins Village in Southern Belize, is a perfect choice.

Top 3 Can’t-miss beaches

Silk Cayes: Don’t look for crowds at Gladden Split/Silk Caye, a 26,000-acre Valhalla for picnickers, snorkelers, and sunbathers, but you won’t be alone. The caye is rife with aquatic creatures, and as a result, the area was declared a national treasure and official Marine Reserve. To reach this lush beach, ask your Belizean Dreams host for a ride. It’s just 30 miles east of Hopkins Village.

Laughing Bird Caye: Once home to birds with distinct cries that sounded just like human laughs, this island is no longer their preferred nesting place so they left this bit of land to humans who marvel at the white sandy beach and diving possibilities. The Caye is just 11 miles off the coast of the Placencia peninsula so it’s closer than Silk Cayes, but for advanced divers who crave wall dives and ocean drop-offs, there is no alternative.

Moho Caye: Situated 12 miles off the Placencia peninsula, Moho sits on the fringes of Laughing Bird Caye. Sugar-white beaches lavished with palm trees and no shortage of hammocks give you the ultimate opportunity to practice the Zen of vacationing by doing nothing. Frequent Moho Caye visitors insist that there is no better place to snorkel and nearby flats are ideal for fly fishing. Belizean Dreams is happy to help you get your hands on fishing gear.

Belize Beach Relaxation

Must you stick to beaches during your Belizean Dreams stay?

Of course not. There’s too much to do at Belizean Dreams! Hang out on the resort’s beachfront, swim in the crystal clear infinity pool, admire all of the awards this property has received for its amenities, lush gardens, gourmet restaurant, and service, and visits to the Bliss Spa make your sojourn perfection.

Belize all inclusive packages eliminate decision-making because digs, meals, and lots of extras are all covered by one price, and who wouldn’t want to save money while fulfilling that dream of a beach vacation?

Come for the beaches. Stay in proximity to Hopkins Village, the lively nearby town that’s fun to visit, shop, and hang around when you’re not prioritizing those beaches. Returning home with sand in your flip flops proves that your beach vacation mission was accomplished and you can prove it by showing off your 2021 tan.

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