How to do the ATM Cave Tour from Hopkins Belize

How to do the ATM Cave Tour from Hopkins Belize

Hopkins Belize is fast becoming one of the most popular jumping off points for tours of the nation’s most fascinating sites. Perhaps one of the most mysterious and heavily booked is the ATM Cave Tour, a fascinating experience akin to time travel because participants start their journey the moment they step foot into the entrance of what National Geographic calls the #1 sacred cave in the world. 

Travelers venture three miles into the cave interior and they don’t have to wait long to see treasures, artifacts and ritual items. Within this limestone cavern, they spot ceramics, stoneware, ritual items and skeletons, the most famous of which is “The Crystal Maiden,” a young girl sacrificed to the gods whose body is covered with crystallized calcium that literally makes her bones sparkle.

ATM Cave Tour Belize

Your experience begins with a 45-minute hike into the rain forest that hides the cave mouth, but thanks to your expert guide, you’ll be led carefully along fluctuating water levels to check out nooks and crannies filled with tools, relics and skeletal remains. 

Spend hours being amazed, beguiled, and awestruck – kind of like the way you’ll feel when you check into your luxury accommodations at Belizean Dreams. The resort staff is happy to arrange this one-of-a-kind adventure for you. Travel time to the ATM Cave is just over two hours, so you get to spend quality time seeing the lush Belizean countryside on your way to this hidden kingdom.

Is that all there is? Hardly. Wait until you catch glimpses of artwork covering the walls of the Actun Uayazba Kab enclave, located deep within the cave. You won’t be the first to wonder about the secret happenings staged there during the Late Pre-Classic Mayan era, circa 250 AD. 

This tour is not for the faint of heart but it is for adventurers eager to trek into hard-to-reach areas to see the richness and drama thousands of years have left untouched. By the time you’ve had your fill, your guide will deliver you back to the resort where more activities, delicious food, and down time within your lovely accommodation await. 

You know you want to see this ancient site and be pampered by Belizean Dreams staff, and here’s incentive you need to do both: the resort’s all-inclusive packages are designed for visitors who love spending time in the past—just as long as 21st Century comforts await them once their cave tour comes to an end. Call the Reservations team today to book your stay.