The Hottest Spot for Your 2021 Caribbean Vacation: Hopkins, Belize!

The Hottest Spot for Your 2021 Caribbean Vacation: Hopkins, Belize!

If you love the idea of getting to know people who live in distant places rather than just sticking to tourism spots during vacations, a special destination in Belize deserves your attention: The village of Hopkins. This delightful town, located in the Stann Creek District, was voted the Friendliest Village in Belize by several prestigious authorities, in large measure thanks to the locals who make up one of Belize’s most engaging populations: The Garifuna.

In case you missed that day in Belize history class, the Garifuna (originally Garinagu) people came to Belize by what some may call a fortuitous accident: A slave ship carrying Africans to the new world by colonial oppressors almost sunk off the island of St. Vincent in the early 1600s.

These brave captives survived by swimming to shore where they found refuge within the settlements already established in St. Vincent. Over time, intermarriage and migration throughout the Caribbean led to the establishment of communities throughout the region — none more vibrant than those settling in Belize.

Why take you on a historic walk back in time? Because Hopkins has thrived over the centuries and this generation of Garifuna has given the town a unique and colorful persona — one that is best enjoyed by staying in close proximity to the village in order to fully immerse oneself in this delightful culture.

Belizean Dreams Staff

Belizean Dreams Resort is just a mile from the epicenter of Hopkins, so walking there or borrowing a bike to explore the town is as easy as asking staff for directions. Expect to be torn by competing desires when you arrive! Belizean Dreams is a lush paradise that offers every amenity a visitor seeks. Gorgeous tropical lodgings. World-class meals courtesy of the resort’s chef. The onsite spa is heaven.

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Does it get any better? It can if you make the most of your time in Hopkins. Soak in the atmosphere of a restored fishing village. Sample tasty, authentic Garifuna dishes, shop for art, and get acquainted with the warmest, most hospitable people in Central America. You owe it to yourself to get your groove on at local establishments known for the town’s best singing, drumming, and dancing. Enjoy a taste of Afro-Caribbean music here.

Got your passport in order? Check flights to Belize to find bargains galore (major airlines have or are about to re-launch regularly scheduled flights) and secure digs at Belizean Dreams where several specials could seal the deal for you. There is no more festive way to celebrate 2021 than by visiting Hopkins — especially when that visit includes a stay at the epicenter of luxury: Belizean Dreams Resort.

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