If You’re on a Budget, This is When You Should Travel To Belize

If You're on a Budget, This is When You Should Travel To Belize

According to a recently conducted Debt.com survey, more people than ever established personal and business budgets in 2021. The same study, carried out in 2019, found that only 68-percent of U.S. citizens budgeted, yet in just two years, that percentage spiked to 80-percent. Experts think this may have come about due to Covid.

Are you surprised? Even savvy statisticians were taken aback – so whether you’re a newbie budgeter or you’ve been dutiful about managing money for years, you’ll greet this news with enthusiasm: Even folks on budgets can afford to vacation in Belize. Need a vacation now? This is your destination, thrifty holiday seeker!

Reasons Belize is affordable

In addition to a laid-back lifestyle, locally-grown produce, and a manageable cost of living, there is plenty to recommend this easily navigable nation. But savings aren’t just a gift Belize gives to ex-pats. Tourists enjoy savings during certain times of the year as resorts and attractions offer seasonal specials, even at the poshest resorts.

If your desire for sun and fun is bigger than your budget, you must check out the luxurious Belizean Dreams Resort where you can vacation like a celebrity on the budget of a celebrity staffer if you come this fall. While the winds of autumn kick in back home, you’ll find yourself enjoying the good life courtesy of this resort’s special deals. Expect to be impressed when you read the details below.

Which of these offers work for you?

Deal #1: 2021 marks Belize’s 40th year of Independence! We want you to celebrate with us so here’s US$40 off (per person/per night) select all inclusive packages when you stay for 4 nights or more. This special remains in effect for those planning to travel south between now and December 18th and taking advantage of this deal is as easy as visiting the site and using the code BZE40WEB when you book your stay. However, you need to book by September 19, 2021, to take advantage of this special.

Deal #2: Thanks to your commitment to budgeting, you can afford to stick around longer in Belize and that ability qualifies you for a “Linger Longer” extended-stay rate that is also in effect between now and December 18th. This extended-stay special applies to the Just Chillin’ package. The booking code to qualify for between 20- and 30-percent package discounts is EXTENDEDWEB.

Belizean Dreams Romance

Fall in Belize is idyllic for myriad reasons

You’ll avoid crowds and enjoy all sorts of perks that come with the season, so taking a break at this time of year makes as much sense as your dedication to budgeting. Read more about those two Belize vacation specials before consulting your calendar and checking airline flight schedules to Belize.

You deserve rewards for being diligent about money management and there is no better place to spend those savings than at Belizean Dreams Resort where you will sojourn in elegant digs, enjoy endless resort amenities and dine at the equally posh Woven Palms Restaurant. You’ve worked hard to maintain a budget and there is no better reward for your diligence than autumn in Belize where Belizean Dreams Resort specials await.

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