This Luxe Honeymoon Haven is the Best Kept Secret in Belize

This Luxe Honeymoon Haven is the Best Kept Secret in Belize

When Forbes magazine’s travel section named Belize one of three honeymoon hotspots in Central America recently, surrounding nations were miffed. Costa Rica felt ignored. Panama is still sulking. For a little nation offering maximum romance — particularly since the world went on lockdown reacting to the pandemic — future romantic honeymoons in Belize are guaranteed to make extraordinary memories.

Where to go to collect those memories, snap selfies and enjoy Caribbean hospitality that has no equal? The destination is Hopkins Village, Belize, home to the deeply-rooted Garifuna community and recipient of Belize First Magazine’s friendliest village prize. Hopkins village also happens to be Belize’s #1 cultural destination, so everything about your honeymoon is going to be fun, relaxing and fascinating.

Reef and romance: The ultimate Belize honeymoon resort

Every couple is unique, but one thing newlyweds agree upon is their desire for a honeymoon designed to suit their sensibilities. Adventurous honeymooners fill their itineraries with heart-stopping activities like zip lining, snorkeling the second largest barrier reef in the world, repelling into caves that may contain relics from ancient Maya people inhabiting Belize centuries ago and myriad other thrill-seeking activities.

Laid-back couples want to dream and relax within the confines of a resort that caters to folks whose singular goal is together time within a pristine environment that is the epitome of Caribbean splendor and beauty. Happily, a resort that’s close to Hopkins meets the criteria of both types of couples: Belizean Dreams Resort, where all-inclusive packages are designed to delight couples seeking carefree honeymoons.

Belizean Dreams Relaxation

The best of all romantic honeymoons

Think back over the year. The cancelled plans. Sequestered days and nights where the only thing keeping you from going crazy was the strength of the love you have for each other and the passion you share. You need more than a tropical getaway. You need paradise. And that’s exactly what Belize all inclusive honeymoon packages at Belizean Dreams promise.

This verdant enclave has only 9 stand-alone villas and 7 boutique rooms located on the second floor of the newly built Promenade Building, so couples are treated to ultimate privacy and superior personal attention that includes bedtime floral turn downs, candlelight meals, unlimited local beverages and more. The world and all of its problems will seem 1,000 miles away. New, stringent cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place so you’ll be safe, blissful and content during your time at the resort.

Surprising deals on Belize all inclusive honeymoon packages

How would it feel to spend the first days of your marriage in style but at a cost that won’t fill your mailbox with credit card bills when you return? Stay at least 4 nights and you’ll be eligible for discounts. The longer you stay, the more you save!

You deserve an extraordinary honeymoon, especially if you had to cancel your plans for a big wedding due to the pandemic. Take advantage of a small resort offering big benefits by booking your honeymoon while discounts remain valid. Reservations are beginning to flood in and as you can imagine, with just 9 villas, dates fill fast. Got questions? We’ve got answers; call 1-800-456-7150 to be sure your dates are available!

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