Belizean Dreams All Inclusive Packages Caters to All Visitors

Belizean Dreams All Inclusive Packages Caters to All Visitors

If you have never visited Belizean Dreams Resort or are planning to visit but didn’t know much about us, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you that Belizean Dreams offers All Inclusive Packages that cater to everyone from single/solo travelers to couples, families, groups and business travelers.

Reviews by TripAdvisor travelers show the great diversity of guests who choose Belizean Dreams Resort in search of that “Belizean Dream” vacation. Here are a few of our favorite reviews.

Belizean Dreams

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” – Andre Gide 

There’s always a reason for travel, even if you’re on a Single/Solo Vacation.

“The very best!”

I just got back from the most amazing vacation ever. I spent 7 nights at this wonderful resort. Even though I was there alone everyone made me feel very comfortable. The staff and service is awesome. I cannot wait to go back.

Adrienne R

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu 

Everyone knows you’re not truly official until you’ve travelled together or at least that’s what we’ve heard. Either way, we think it’s very important to spend that alone time with your loved one, and what better way to actually be alone than on a Couples vacation thousands of miles away from home.

“Amazing and adventurous honeymoon!”
Our stay at Belizean Dreams was nothing short of magical. My husband and I had a great, authentic experience. The food and drinks were great – the staff was exceptional. The people who work at Belizean Dreams make the place more amazing than it already is. 

My husband ended up losing his ring in a swift current during a tubing excursion. The resort wrote us a professional and lengthy letter detailing the incident for the insurance company, so we could get his ring replaced. They were more than helpful. Now that’s customer service – more so, that’s a great resort with great employees!

Visit Belize if you can and stay at Belizean Dreams. The people are so authentic and hospitable. Your stay will be nothing short of cultural, beautiful and priceless. We plan to visit again for our five-year anniversary.


“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With” –  Charles Schulz 

We agree, the very best vacations are often those you take with your family. It helps to build unity and provide lasting memories that make for fantastic stories. We love providing an intimate atmosphere for that much needed Family Vacation

“Tranquility at its Best”
Belizean Dreams Resort exceeded all expectation of my family’s ‘tranquil wanna get away vacation’. Being a local, I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service this place offers! The wait staff, front desk and auxiliary staff are exceptional – ever willing to assist in making your stay the absolute best. The first time my family and I stayed, we left behind our baby’s (9 months old at the time) toy and would you believe they kept it and we were able to retrieve the toy months after when we were in the area again. I’m 100% sure they would have accommodated us and gotten the toy to us had we requested the moment we realized we left it behind.

The food is excellent as well, you HAVE to try the Jalapeno Poppers! They are the best I have ever tasted anywhere in the country! Rooms are clean and comfortable with top class amenities!


“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hilaire Belloc

We are always thrilled to read our first time visitors’ reviews as these enlighten us with a fresh perspective of the services, accommodations, and overall resort ambiance, which in return helps us make the necessary improvement to offer our future guest the best vacation possible!   


Okay first off it was our first trip to Belize so myself and my significant other weren’t sure what to expect. We had been to Cancun and we weren’t allowed to really leave the resort due to crime outside the resort. We expected this in Belize but boy were we wrong. Belizean Dreams first off is a beautiful resort that is accessible through the village of Hopkins. We purchased the inclusive package which meant our lodging, drinks, and meals were included. The resort is open to Hopkins and the staff provided us a golf cart (part of the honeymoon package) so we could take daily trips to the village. It meant the world to us to be out in the town and buy things that we needed or simply wanted. We just felt free to explore wherever and that was something that was not possible in Cancun. The resort has some of the best staff you could ever want. Every need was attended to. The bar had some of the best drinks courtesy of Mariano, and the food was very good. Overall Belizean dreams is a small sized resort sporting about what looks to be 20-25 rooms for guests. The beach is excellent, the service is excellent, Hopkins is excellent. Our excursions went off without a hitch. The resort ensured everything was handled. My girlfriend and I have never been on a more romantic vacation thanks to Belizean Dreams.

Coach B

“1st time visitor”

Thank you BD, for a great time. From breakfast to dinner, Loraine, was the best. Our room was beautiful; the view was breathtaking. The bar staff was the best I have ever seen. Keep up the job. Planning on a return visit, thanks Steven Puckett.


It is true “There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” – Shep Hyken

Therefore, our return guests’ reviews are equally important because it allows us to push beyond excellence to provide the ultimate vacation that exceeds their expectations based on their previous stay with us. 

“Can’t Wait to Return”
My wife and I just returned to Belizean Dreams for our 5th visit. This time we brought our daughter and her fiancé and my brother in law.

Since our last visit the villas got a face lift with new paint and trim. The grounds are in beautiful condition with new accent lighting at night. The beach Tiki bar was expanded as were the dining areas for the restaurant (love having the only air conditioned dining area in this whole village – some nights that is life or death for me).

The staff were their usual warm and helpful selves. Always ready to do whatever they can to make the visit more perfect. There are several new restaurants nearby and this south end of Hopkins has the best dining in close proximity of nearly any resort area that we stay at.


If you have visited us and would like to share your experience with us, please visit our TripAdvisor page and tell us what your vacation was like… we look forward to reading your reviews and hopefully featuring them in future blogs! 

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